2014 NC Campuses Against Hunger Conference

September 26-27, 2014, Appalachian State University
"Hunger and..."

CANCELLED!  Please stay posted for more information about the NC Campuses Against Hunger webinar series that will begin this fall. 

Hosted by Appalachian State University's Watagua Residential College, University College, and the ACT office, in partnership with NC Campus Compact, WFU Pro Humanitate Institute, NC State University CSLEPS, Stop Hunger Now, and Universities Fighting World Hunger.



A special thank you to AARP North Carolina for sponsoring this event for a second year.


This conference will examine the factors that contribute to food insecurity, as well as factors that might alleviate and contribute to solving problems of hunger.  So, keynote addresses, activities, and breakout sessions will address issues such as the relationship of hunger to issues of public education, hunger and government policy, hunger and family, hunger and (fill in the blank).

We ask every campus attending to bring a team consisting of administrators, faculty, students and community partners.  Ideally, teams would consist of 5-8 people engaged with hunger issues from your campus.  Your local director of service-learning, civic engagement, or community relations would be good members of your team, as well as students, faculty, and staff interested in these issues.

Featured Speakers

  • Kern Beare, Director of Communications and Enrollment Management, Feelgood.org
  • Dr. Harriett Giles, Managing Director, Hunger Solutions Institute & Director of External Relations, College of Human Sciences, Auburn University
  • Renee Boughmann, Executive Chef, Feed All Regardless of Means (F.A.R.M.) Café

Workshop Topics

• Hunger and Nourish.Org
• Hunger and Place: Gleaning Bank of Jackson County
• Hunger and Action:  Conducting Better Food Drives
• Hunger and Entrepreneurship: Social Entrepreneurship, Service-Learning, and Food Insecurity
• FARM Café—Cooking with what is available
• Hunger and Media:  Guided Reflection on “A Place at the Table”
• Hunger and International Programs: Bringing Stop Hunger Now to your Campus
• Hunger and Campus Initiatives: Establishing Campus Food Pantries
• AARP:  Drive to End Hunger and Your Campus
• Hunger and Our Students: Moving from Clients to Participants--Engaging Students Experiencing Food Insecurity in Service
• Hunger and Campuses in the Summer

Agenda at a Glance

Friday Evening, September 26th

2:30-3:30 Registration, Plemmons Student Union
3:30-4:00 Welcome & Introduction
4:00-6:00 Meal Packs for local food pantries
6:00-6:30 Poster Session
6:30-8:00 Dinner and “Campus Pitch”
8:30 Look ahead to Saturday
8:45 Adjourn

Saturday, September 27th

8:30-9:00 Registration and Breakfast
9:30-10:30 Opening Session featuring Kern Beare and Harriet Giles
10:30-11:45 Workshop breakout sessions #1
12:00-1:00 Lunch featuring Renee Boughmann
1:00-1:30 Poster Session
1:30-2:45 Workshop breakout sessions #2
3:00-3:30 School Discussion/Report Out
3:30-4:00 Next Steps
4:00 Adjourn

Take Action 

While you are establishing your teams, below are five ways you are invited to take action this year.

1. Contribute to the blog (see below).

2.Create a poster.
We hope that one student from each institution will bring a poster that outlines a special and unique program on that campus.  We will display these posters during one of our large group sessions and ensure time for participants to ask questions and discuss ideas that these posters inspire.

3. Watch "A Place at the Table" available on Netflix and other streaming services.
We encourage every campus to have at least one member of its team view this film and participate in the guided reflection during one of the breakout sessions.

4. Prepare a "pitch."
During our first group session we invite one member from every campus to briefly (in 3-4 minutes) "pitch" an idea or program of their campus and allow the conference participants (in 4-5 minutes) to ask questions, make suggestions, and, in general, create an atmosphere of collaboration and dialogue. As always, we want this time to be a period during which our students take prominent leadership roles and become invested in these issues that affect us all.

We have created the NC Campuses Against Hunger blog to establish an ongoing forum for sharing ideas about what we are doing on our individual campuses and local best practices. Below is how your college/university can get involved. 
1.       Provide us some statistics about your school—

a.      total enrollment,
b.      signature programs to combat hunger,
c.      key community partners
d.      statistics from your area

2.      Contribute to the blog—tell us about what your school is doing, share ideas, and suggest directions for future conferences. 

Send your statistics and/or blog entry to  nccchunger@gmail.com and we’ll get your information posted to the blog. 


Canned Food Drive

We ask each participant to bring 3-5 canned goods or boxed goods for the Friday night service project. 


Contact Deborah Donnett or Clark Maddux at Appalachian State University.

Hotel Reservations

Discounted rates are available at several local Boone hotels until September 1st. Hospitality House- Hunger Conference 2014.  Please mention "Hospitality House-Hunger Conference 2014" when calling to make your reservation and receive 20% off your stay.

Download the list of participating hotels here