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In North Carolina:

* 1 out of 7 teens between the ages of 16-19 is not enrolled in school;
* 1 out of 5 children lives in poverty;
* 1 out of 3 children lives in a single-parent home; and
* only 72% graduate from high school.
North Carolina ranked 14th in the nation for the number of 15-19-year old mothers.

In Virginia:

* 1 out of 8 teens between the ages of 16 -19 is not enrolled in school;
* 1 out of 7 children lives in poverty;
* 1 out of 3 children lives in a single parent home; and
* 1 out of 24 children has an incarcerated parent.
Virginia ranked 10th in the nation for the number of persons residing in juvenile detention and correctional facilities

Annie E. Casey Foundation  KIDSCount Data Book

Through ADVANCE You Can Make A Difference!!!

"Mentoring: A Promising Strategy for Youth Development," research published by Child Trends, found that youth who participate in mentoring relationships experience a number of benefits.

* They have better attendance, better attitudes toward school, and are more likely to go on to higher education.

* Mentoring seems to prevent substance abuse, to reduce other negative youth behaviors, and promotes positive social attitudes and relationships.


Below are important program documents. You will find all the necessary program forms on the Forms page (see the box in the upper right-hand corner of this page)

Online Member Orientation

Member Handbook

Tip: To move within the handbook, scroll to the Table of Contents (page 2). Click on the Topic and it will link you to that section. 

My Service Log Trainings

You will enter your hours through the My Service Log system. You will receive a password to access your account in the Welcome e-mail. Click below for the presentations related to the My Service Log system.

Exit Process

The exit process involves three steps.

1)  Each member must complete the online AmeriCorps exit form.  This is accessible through the My AmeriCorps site where you enrolled.


You must complete this form within 30 days of your final day of service. The exit form will be opened once time logs are approved totalling 300 hours.  At that time you will receive an "Exit Process" email.   Please note, if you are exiting early/without award, you must notifiy your Campus Coordinator who will notify the ADVANCE staff.  Upon hearing from the Campus Coordinator, they will open the exit form within the online system.  

2) Member must complete one of the exit surveys below.  

Completion Exit Survey - For members who complete their 300 hours and the program requirements

Non-Completion Exit Survey - For member who did NOT complete the program requirements and are exiting the program early

3)  The Campus Coordinator will complete a Member Evaluation for each member.