Site Supervisors

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a Site Supervisor for an ADVANCE AmeriCorps Member for the 2011-12 program year.  Your role is critical to the success of the program and as you will directly supervise the Member when they are at the service site.  In agreeing to serve as a placement for an ADVANCE Member, your site agrees to provide him/her an opportunity for direct and meaningful service. 

Role of Site Supervisor

• Attend Site Supervisor Orientation and Site Supervisor Mid-Term Update webinars
• Develop, in collaboration with Member, the attached Service Summary that provides written expectations and goals for the program year by which Member effectiveness  can be evaluated 
• Provide site orientation to Members
• Meet with the Member on a regular basis for the purpose of reflection and evaluating progress toward program goals and offering support and direction
• Facilitate communication with Campus Coordinator related to member objectives and schedules
• Contact Campus Coordinator as soon as possible if the Member is having difficulty accomplishing assigned tasks, comprehending their role or fulfilling time requirements
• Monitor the number of hours a Member has served and approve a record of service hours each month
• Complete mid-term evaluation and end-of term evaluation
• Monitor Member's compliance regarding prohibited activities
• Gather student data related to program performance measure – increased school attendance - and enter in the CIS Data Management System (CISDM)
• Provide access to a workspace location for the appropriate delivery of programs and services, including telephone and Internet
• Provide appropriate liability or similar insurance covering Member while they are serving at your site

Relevant Forms

Member Position Description

Service Summary

Visit this page for Campus Coordinator contact information.