Starting November 1, 2011, every ADVANCE member must complete an FBI check in order to continue participating and be eligible for the $1175 education award. This must be initiated by December 1, 2011.  Below is the process.

Step 1: Obtain a set of your fingerprints.

Please have your fingerprints taken by a fingerprinting technician. This service is usually available at a local law enforcement agency such as the Sheiff's Office. Be sure to check with your Campus Police office, if there is one on your campus.

The applicant must go to the Sheriff’s department and have their fingerprint cards created. There may be a cost associated with the fingerprint card.  Make sure you tell them you are getting the card for a volunteer program and it may be waived.  You will send the finger print cards to the FBI (See item 5 below for specific instructions).

Fingerprints should be placed on a standard fingerprint form (FD-258) commonly used for applicant or law enforcement purposes. Include rolled impressions of all 10 fingerprints and impressions of all 10 fingerprints taken simultaneously (these are sometimes referred to as plain or flat impressions).

Your name and date of birth must be provided on the fingerprint card.

Step 2: Complete the Applicant Information Form.

Include your complete mailing address. Please provide your telephone number and/or e-mail address, if available.  In the section Mail Results to Address please put the following information.

C/O NC Campus Compact                      ATTN: Leslie Garvin
Address 1: 2257 Campus Box
State: North Carolina, Zip: 27244

Make a copy of this form and submit it to your Campus Coordinator.

Step 3: Submit payment.

The cost of the FBI check is $18.00.  Save your receipt to give to your Campus Coordinator. He/she will send it to NC Campus Compact for reimbursement. 

Option 1:
Obtain a money order or cashier’s check for $18 U.S. dollars made payable to the Treasury of the United States. Please be sure to sign where required.

Option 2:
Pay by credit card using the Credit Card Payment Form. Don’t forget to include the expiration date of the credit card that you are using.

Important note: Cash, personal checks, or business checks WILL NOT be accepted.

Payment must be for the exact amount.

Step 4: Review the FBI Identification Record Request Checklist to ensure that you have included everything needed to process your request. 

The applicant should print two copies of the application: one to give to your Campus Coordinator and one to be sent to the FBI. The following items should be included in your packet to send to the FBI:

1) fingerprint card,
2) completed Applicant Information Form, and
3) a cashier’s check or money order made out to the US Treasury for $18 - OR - Credit Card Payment Form 

Step 5: Mail the required items listed above—signed applicant information form, fingerprint card, and payment of $18 U.S. dollars for each person or copy requested—to the following address:

Your packet should be addressed to:

FBI CJIS Division – Record Request
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, WV 26306

This must be completed by December 1, 2011.