North Carolina College Positive Volunteerism

North Carolina College Positive Volunteerism (NC CPV) is a college access program that teaches college students to talk to K-12 youth about college.  NC CPV helps college students share valuable information about their college experience and instill in K-12 youth the idea that college is possible.  

North Carolina’s College Positive Volunteers (NCCPV) training encourages college students and graduates to positively impact community members, especially K-12 students’ college enthusiasm and awareness, and to provide information about college preparation, paying for college, career selection, and financial resources.


“It was an eye opening experience to see how my own story can transform the thoughts of youth and even adults about college. It was motivating and I feel empowered to make a difference.”
                             - Gloria Hunt 
                            (College Positive Volunteer, UNC-Pembroke)

Former North Carolina Campus Compact AmeriCorps*VISTA Education Coordinator, Koyah Rivera, debuts College Positive Training to UNC-Pembroke students, staff, and faculty.   

College Positive Volunteer Resources

Michigan Campus Compact - Developed by Michigan Campus Compact for Michigan K-12 students, this CPV Toolkit is a portable and easy-to-use resource for College Positive Volunteers to use when volunteering with K-12 youth and adult learners. 

College Positive Volunteerism Training Videos
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

College Foundation of North Carolina - The following CFNC links include lesson plans, activities, and other resources that can assist you in guiding community members through the key steps in college and career planning.

For more information, contact Leslie Garvin, Interim Executive Director. 

NC Campus Compact gratefully acknowledges the Massachusetts Campus Compact for creating College Positive Volunteers, and Michigan Campus Compact for developing programming. NC Campus Compact’s training is adapted from Michigan Campus Compact’s College Positive Volunteerism (CPV) curriculum. ( Michigan Campus Compact is affiliated with Campus Compact and Michigan Nonprofit Association and is supported by the ConnectMichigan Alliance Endowment. Funding for the original College Positive Volunteerism toolkit is provided by Michigan Campus Compact through the Michigan College Access Network, U.S.  Department of Education College Access Challenge Fund, and the King-Chávez-Parks Initiative’s GEAR UP/College Day within the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth. National Campus Compact and the Lumina Foundation provided supplemental support for the design of the tool.