Campus Election Engagement Project-NC

Since 2008, NC Campus Compact has partnered with the Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP) a national, nonpartisan effort to help colleges and universities involve students in elections. 

What's New?

The 2018 NC College Voter Summit has been re-scheduled for Saturday, September 29!

Location is UNC Greensboro School of Education, 1300 Spring Garden St, Greensboro, NC 27412
For the 3rd straight year, NC Campus Compact will host the voter summit to convene and support students, faculty, and staff who lead campus voter engagement efforts. The Summit will focus on training, best practices, and idea exchange. RSVP HERE BY FRIDAY, SEPT 21!

NVRD mini-grants to support events on 9/25
National Voter Registration Day is offering minigrants between $500-$1,000. The deadline to apply is soon – September 4. See announcement here: http://blogs.elon.edu/nccc/files/2018/08/2018-national-voter-registration-day-event-enhancement-grant-rfp.pdf

And, if your campus has not signed up to be an official National Voter Registration Day partner yet, please do so hereFinally, the Students Learn Students Vote coalition has some great resources for how to make the most of your on-campus NVRD events. For more visit the SLSV website.

2018 Mid-Terms Matter Mini-Grants
To strengthen campus supports for voter education and electoral participation during the 2018 mid-term elections, NC Campus Compact will award $1,000 mini-grants to select member campuses. Mini-grant funds may be used to provide student leader stipends, facility rentals, transportation, food, supplies, materials, printing, technology services, speaker fees, or other programming expenses related to student voter engagement activities. All supported activities should be non-partisan and inclusive.

Funding priorities: efforts to engage first-year students and/or groups (including selected disciplines/majors) with lower voting rates; supporting minority-serving institutions, community colleges, and other colleges and universities where student voter engagement may be under-resourced; efforts to institutionalize voter engagement through the creation of campus-based structures and processes that will provide ongoing support.

This project is supported by the national Campus Election Engagement Project

The application is now closed. We awarded 12 mini-grants to 12 different campuses in the network. More info about these projects is coming soon!
Application deadline: May 15
Award notification: May 30
Activity period: June 1 - December 1, 2018
Final report due: December 15, 2018

2018 NC Election Info
Check out our summary of helpful info related to the 2018 mid-term elections in North Carolina. Another user-friendly NC voting resource is ncvoter.org, a site maintained by Democracy NC. To learn about elections in other states, check out Campus Vote Project's State Student Guides, with links to every state's voting info tailored to college students. 

Did You Know? 

The National Study of Learning, Voting and Engagement (NSLVE, pronounced "n-solve") is the first and only study to objectively examine student and institution-level data on student voting and to share these data with participating campuses. Participation in the study is free for campuses, protective of student privacy, and provides generates an institutional report of student voting habits. An NSLVE report is a great tool for planning and assessment. More than 1,000 campuses participate, including 24 institutions in NC. We encourage all member campuses to join NSLVE. 

Key Resources for Your Campus

Student Power! There are many non-partisan organizations that provide students leadership opportunities in voter engagement:

7 Key Ways to Act (online)
Student voting doesn’t just happen. It takes cultivation. CEEP has identified 7 key steps to increasing student voter engagement on your campus.

Campus Electoral Engagement Assessment (online)
This tool helps campuses identify which electoral engagement supports exist at their institution, and which could be added. A starting point for faculty, staff, and students developing a campus-wide election engagement plan.

CEEP Student Orientation Voter Registration Toolkit (pdf)
A short guide to integrating voter registration into the student orientation process.

Campus Vote Project Student Toolkit (pdf)
Tips and discussion questions.

National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE)
NSLVE is the first and only study to objectively examine student and institution-level data on student voting and to share these data with campuses. Participation is free, easy, and protective of student privacy. More than 900 schools are part of the study.

Many other resources are available from these organizations:

North Carolina Election Resources

Resources from the NC State Board of Elections:

NCVoter.org - Site maintained by Democracy NC, includes voter and election info and FAQs, as well as information about the group's election protection work, the NC Voter Bill of Rights, and how you can get involved. Good place to start: Who can vote in which elections? Voters who have trouble voting on election day can call 1-888-OUR-VOTE. 

You Can Vote - non-partisan grassroots group offering voter registration training for campus and community groups. 

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See the CEEP Archive page for former CEEP projects and data related to the 2012 Presidential Election.