NC-ACTS!/UCAN Serve (2010-11)

NC-ACTS! (North Carolina-Activating Citizenship Through Service) is an AmeriCorps national service program hosted by North Carolina Campus Compact. NC Campus Compact is a sub-grantee of the UCAN Serve program sponsored by Colorado Campus Compact that receives direct funding from the Corporation for National and Community Service. 

Below are important documents for current members and Campus Coordinators.

2010-11 Logs

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November 2010April 2011September 2011February 2012
December 2010May 2011October 2011March 2012
January 2011June 2011November 2011April 2012
February 2011July 2011December 2011  

Please enter your hours on the form (through your computer), then print. We strongly discourage handwritten time logs.

Remember the form must be signed by your Site Supervisor before you submit it to your Campus Coordinator. Signed time logs are due to your Campus Coordinator no later than the 5th of the following month (unless your Campus Coordinator designates a different submission deadline.

We do not accept time logs that have scratch-outs, white-out, or calculation errors.  You will have to send a new corrected copy if these are present. CHECK YOUR CALCULATIONS!

Time logs are only accepted if they are formatted in the quarter hour format. Round up to the nearest quarter hour.

.25 (between 1 and 15 additional minutes)
.50 (between 16 and 30 additional minutes)
.75 (between 31 and 45 additional minutes)
.00 (between 46 and 60 additional minutes)

EXAMPLE: If you serve 1 hour and 10 minutes DO NOT write 1.10 on your time log. You will enter 1.25 instead.

2010-11 Exit Forms

Letter for Site Supervisor - All Site Supervisos must complete the online evaluation. Fellows should give a copy of the Site Supervisor Evaluation Letter to your supervisor.

Online Member Survey - All Fellows must complete an online Member Survey specific to the priority area in which you served. Don't forget to print the Thank You page and give it to your Coordinator to send to NC Campus Compact with the Coordinator Evaluation.

Coordinator Evaluation - All Campus Coordinators complete a Coordinator Evaluation for each Fellow/member.

Online Exit Form Instructions  - Once a Fellow completes 300 hours, 3 reflections and the evaluations above, you must complete the online Exit Form.  You will access the same account you used to enroll. 

Paper Exit Form - NOTE:  This should only be used if the student is completely unavailable.  Every attempt should be made for them to complete the online exit form. This form should be signed the same date as the official exit date.

Exiting Early

If an member is exiting prior to completing 300 hours, they forfeit the education award.*  To exit early the member should complete the Exit Form (online is preferred) and the Campus Coordinator must complete the Coordinator Evaluation. On the Coordinator Evaluation you must indicate whether the member is eligible to participate in another term of service with AmeriCorps (this is the second to last box you must check).  This decision is up to you based on the character and quality of the effort that the student put forth while they were serving.

*A member may quality to exit for a personal or compelling reasons in which they may receive a pro-rated award. Please follow the process outlined in the Member Handbook above for details.

Using the Education Award

Once a Fellow is exited from the program, this presentation will walk them through the process to use the education award. 

Using the Education Award


Contact your Campus Coordinator with any questions or concerns.