Reflection Resources

Boud et al. (1985, 7) note that experience alone is not sufficient for learning and pose the following questions: What is it that turns experience into learning? What specifically enables learners to gain the maximum benefit from the situations they find themselves in? How can they apply their experience in new contexts? Boud et al. (1985) suggest that structured reflection is the key to learning from experience, and that reflection can be very difficult. "Perhaps if we can sharpen our consciousness of what reflection in learning can involve and how it can be influenced then we may be able to improve our own practice of learning and help those who learn with us" (emphasis added, Boud et al. 1985, 8).

Boud, D., R. Keogh and D. Walker (Eds.). 1985. Reflection: Turning Experience into Learning. London: Kogan Page.

General Resources/Publications on Reflection

Service-Learning: Using Structured Reflection to Enhance Learning from Service, National Campus Compact

Principles of Service-Learning Reflection, University of Delaware, Office of Service Learning

Reflection, Michigan Campus Compact

Rubric to Assess Service-Learning Reflection Papers, Hawaii Campus Compact

Service Learning Reflection Journal, Sass, M. (2013) Service Learning Reflection Journal. Purdue University Learning and Service Engagement series. Center for Instructional Excellence: West Lafayette, IN [e-book]

Faculty Focus: Higher Ed Teaching Strategies from Magna Publications

  • Working Toward a Fair Assessment of Students’ Reflective Writing
  • Four Levels of Student Reflection
  • How to Deepen Learning through Critical Reflection
  • Guiding Student Reflection

Generating, Deepening, and Documenting Learning: The Power of Critical Reflection in Applied Learning
Ash, Sara h L. and Clayton, Patti H., Journal of Applied Learning in Higher Education Vol. 1, Fall 2009 [pgs 25-48]

10 Tips for Designing Critical Reflection, Clayton, P. (2009)

What is Critical Reflection, Clayton, P. (2009)

Theory and Practice: Reflection, Service-Learning Clearinghouse

Moving Beyond the "Missionary Ideology" to Effective Practice, Verna Cornelia Price, Pamela Toole,
Wokie Weah, National Youth Leadership Council (2007)

Reflection in Higher Education Service-Learning, Kara Connors and Sarena D. Seifer, Community-Campus Partnerships for Health, (2005)

Reflection in Service-Learning:  Making Meaning of Experience, Introduction to Service-Learning Toolkit: Readings and Resources for Faculty (pgs 111-117), Julie Hatcher and Robert Bringle, Campus Compact (2003) 

Service-Learning: Using Structured Reflection to Enhance Learning from Service, section of "Developing Civic Engagement Skills," Dasaratha V. Rama and Richard Battistoni, Campus Compact (2001)

Pedagogical Variations in Service-Learning and Student Outcomes: How Time, Contact, and Reflection Matter, Mabry, J. Beth, Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, v5 p32-47 (Fall 1998)

Practitioner's Guide to Reflection in Service-Learning, (A): Student Voices and Reflections, Janet Eyler and Dwight E. Giles, Corporation for National and Community Service (1996)  [For order from National Service-Learning Clearinghouse]

Engaging All Partners in Reflectoin: Designing and Implementing Integrative Reflection Opportunities, Kathleen Rice

Reflection Activities/Ideas

Reflection Toolkit, Northwest Service Academy, Metro Center, Portland, OR

Facilitating Reflection:  A Manual for Leaders and Educators, Julie Reed & Christopher Koliba, University of  Vermont

Reflection Activities, American Association of Community Colleges 

Reflection Questions, Nate Schultz, National Youth Leadership Council, The Generator (August 2007)