VISTA Host Sites

The NC Afterschool Corps aims to build the capacity of afterschool programs that serve low-income children, while strengthening these programs’ connection to local colleges and universities. Corps members will provide services that increase the number and training of volunteers serving with afterschool programs, increase funding and in-kind resources to these programs, expand local awareness of the value of afterschool, and enhance curriculum. 

The NC Afterschool Corps is a project of North Carolina Campus Compact, a network of colleges and universities committed to educating active citizens and to strengthening local communities. Support and technical assistance on this project will be provided by Design for Change USA, a national non-profit, and the NC Center for Afterschool Programs.

Corps members will be part of AmeriCorps VISTA, a national service program. VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) members serve full-time for one-year to build the capacity of non-profit, governmental, and educational organizations and programs designed to lift individuals and communities out of poverty.

Colleges and universities within the North Carolina Campus Compact network or their community-based, 501c(3) non-profit partners may apply to host an NC Afterschool Corps member placement. This resource is provided by a grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service.



We are no longer accepting host site applications for NC Afterschool Corps sites in 2018-19. If your organization is interested in hosting in 2019-20, please review materials below and contact us at


Request for Proposals Guidance (pdf)

Proposal Submission Form (Google Form)
Please note: in addition to the proposal form, NEW applicant sites should also submit:
a letter of support from the host organization
a letter of support from the partner organization (also required of CONTINUING sites)
host site supervisor resume 
up to 3 pages of supporting documents (optional)

Editable Version of Proposal Narrative Questions (Word)
You may draft narrative responses using this Word document,
but you must paste your responses into the submission form above.

Technical assistance webinar slides (From 2018-19 Cycle)

NC Afterschool Corps

Project summary: The NC Afterschool Corps will strengthen afterschool programming in select communities by building the capacity of afterschool and expanded learning programs that serve low-income children, while developing these programs’ connection to local colleges and universities. Corps members will provide services that increase the number and training of volunteers serving with afterschool programs, increase funding and in-kind resources to these programs, and expand local awareness of the value of afterschool. Corps members will also enhance civic and community engagement by implementing Design for Change afterschool programming. Design for Change is a project-based, service-learning curriculum that empowers young people to solve local programs through design-thinking and action. Afterschool volunteers and especially Design for Change advisors will be recruited from local college and university students.

Learn more about Design for Change.

Design Thinking is a process of creating new and innovative ideas to solve a problem. Design for Change takes young people through 4 stages:

  • Feel - Young people observe and list the issues in their community that bother them.
  • Imagine - They interact with folks in their community to identify points of intervention and solutions.
  • Do - They develop and implement an action plan, keeping in mind resources, budget and time.
  • Share - They share their story of change and inspire others to get involved or do their own project.

Learn more about the NC Center for Afterschool Programs, including the NC CAP Program Self-Assessment.

Learn more about AmeriCorps VISTA, including Key Term, Conditions, and Benefits that host and partner organizations should know. 

Placement of NC Afterschool Corps member is contingent on successful AmeriCorps VISTA grant application, on availability of funding, and on timely recruitment and selection of viable candidate.

Placement and Recruitment Timeline 2018-19 Project Year

• Host site application released – January 15
• Letter of Intent due (emailed to – January 31
• Technical Assistance Webinar/Call – February 6, 11 AM (Register here)
• Host site application due – February 28
• Recruitment begins – March 1
• Host sites announced – March 16
• Host site webinars – March 20 & 21
• Memorandum of Agreement and $500 first payment due – April 12
• Priority Deadline for VISTA candidates to apply – May 1
• (Final) date for VISTA candidate selection* – June 1
• $4500 admin fee balance due – July 1
• Pre-Service Orientation* - July 16-19
• First day of VISTA service on site* – July 20

* Expected dates. Actual dates TBD.


What do VISTAs do?
An AmeriCorps VISTA member serves full-time (35+ hours/week) for one year to develop or expand programs that fight poverty. VISTAs cannot provide direct service; instead they build the capacity of host sites and partners to better serve low-income people and address poverty-related needs.

Campus Compact VISTAs build a campus/community partnership by taking on different capacity-building activities such as: recruiting or training volunteers, writing grants and soliciting donations, creating publicity and outreach materials, conducting needs assessments and asset profiles, establishing sustainable systems and structures. The specific activities of the VISTA depend on the particular goal and objectives of the project site.

Who can apply to host a VISTA?
NC Campus Compact member campuses may apply with a community partner OR non-profit organizations or governmental agencies may apply in partnership with a member campus partner. In the 2017-2020 grant cycle, we are planning to work exclusively with afterschool programs that primarily serve low-income children.

If our site currently hosts a VISTA, do we need to re-apply?
If your site currently hosts a Campus Compact VISTA, you must submit a new proposal to be considered for placement in the 2017-2020 grant cycle. You may apply to host more than one VISTA member.

What activities will NC Afterschool Corps members do?
In order to accomplish the project goals, NC Afterschool Corps members will undertake the following key capacity-building activities over the course of the 3-year placement period:

  • Recruit volunteers from campus and community
  • Train volunteers to serve with afterschool program
  • Train college student volunteers to lead Design For Change (DFC) lessons
  • Support fundraising and/or grant-writing activities, as directed by afterschool program staff
  • Support accomplishment of DFC projects created by children
  • Support establishment of campus-based structure to sustain DFC programming
  • Plan and implement a “Lights on Afterschool” event to raise community and campus awareness of afterschool.
  • Plan and implement a national day of service event to raise community and campus awareness of community service.

How long is a VISTA placement?
VISTA projects typically span 3 years. In years 2 & 3, host sites may submit a continuation application. At the end of year 3, the VISTA resource will be phased out. Receiving a VISTA in any year does not oblige a host site to seek a VISTA in subsequent years, nor does granting a VISTA in any year oblige Campus Compact to award VISTA placement in future years.

How long can a VISTA member serve?
NC Campus Compact VISTAs serve a one-year term (365 days). Individuals may re-enroll with site and NC Campus Compact approval. Individuals may serve as a VISTA for up to 5 years, but may only take 2 full education awards.

How much does it cost to host a VISTA?

  • To support a VISTA placement, the host site must pay an administrative fee of $5,000 (2018-19). A payment schedule will be provided to selected sites. Host and partner sites may share this fee, or not. 
  • Host/partner sites should also provide housing support to the Corps member ($200- $400/month), either as a monthly stipend (paid to the landlord or rental agency) or as in-kind support (such as on-campus or reduced-rent housing). 
  • Placement sites must also reimburse Corps members for service-related travel (not commuting) at the organization's standard mileage rate. 
  • Host sites must also provide office space, computer, email, phone, and supplies necessary for VISTA's work.

How are VISTA members recruited?
Candidates may be recruited from the local community by host and partner sites, by NC Campus Compact through state networks, and from applicants to the position via the national online portal.

What benefits do VISTA members receive from AmeriCorps? 

  • Living stipend of approximately $12,300 per year (in NC), paid bi-weekly by the Corporation for National and Community Service.
  • Upon successful completion of service year, member choice of $5,920 Segal education award OR $1,800 cash stipend.
  • Relocation assistance if moving more than 50 miles to serve.
  • Childcare assistance if eligible.

Do VISTA members get health insurance?
VISTA does not offer health insurance, but the program does offer 2 healthcare-related benefits. One is a reimbursement account to cover co-pays and other health-related expenses VISTAs may incur. Use of this benefit assumes VISTAs have their own insurance coverage (either through the exchange or under a parent or spouse plan.) The other is a healthcare “benefits” plan which provides some basic coverage, but that does not meet ACA compliance standards. For more informaiton, see the VISTA member handbook here:

Can the VISTA be in school and/or have a part time job while serving in this role?
A VISTA member cannot be a full-time student, but they may be a part-time student or enrolled in classes as long as they have supervisor/sponsor permission, their service takes priority, and their classes do not conflict with service duties. VISTA members CAN have a 2nd job! The VISTA must get supervisor/sponsor permission for this 2nd job and it should not interfere with their service. However, the second job cannot be with the host site.

How does my organization apply?
New sites are asked to submit a letter of interest (via email to prior to Jan. 31. New & Continuing placement sites must submit the online proposal form. New sites must also submit:

  • host site letter of support
  • partner site letter of support
  • host site supervisor resume
  • up to 3 pages of supporting documents (optional)

Continuing sites only need to submit the online proposal form AND a partner organization letter of support for the 2018-19 placement year.
All materials should be received by Feb. 28. 

For more information about hosting an NC Campus Compact VISTA, contact the VISTA Program Coordinator or call 336-278-7278.