Host a Voter Registration Drive in North Carolina

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Below are answers to general questions about organizing a voter registration drive. Visit the North Carolina Board of Elections site for specific voter registration information. 

Who can organize a Voter Registration Drive?

Anyone!   Voter registration services may be offered by any individual, group or organization that desires to conduct a voter registration drive.

Do I have to receive special training to organize a Voter Registration Drive?

No special training or permission is needed to conduct a voter registration drive; however, organizers should follow the guidelines set out by the North Carolina Board of Elections outlined at the site below.   

Voter Registration Drives: A Citizen's Guide

Where do I get the Voter Registration forms/supplies?

County boards of elections can provide voter registration supplies to drive organizers in limited quantities (less than 1000 blank forms). If a larger quantity of forms is needed, organizers may request the forms directly from the State Board of Elections.  You can also request posters from the Board of Elections to place at your drive location.

List of NC Board of Elections offices by county

North Carolina Voter Registration Supplies Order Form

Where do I send the Voter Registration Cards?

Applications collected at voter registration drives must be delivered to the appropriate county board of elections by the voter registration deadline.

What is the Voter Registration Deadline?

The registration deadline is 25 days before the election or October 10, 2014 for the fall midterms. This is the date by which the forms must be postmarked or received by the Board of Elections.

Rock the Vote's Voter Registration Initiative

If your campus would like to register voters through your website, you might want to become a Rock the Vote Voter Registration Partner.  By signing up you will have access to a voter registration tool that you can embed onto your website, see statistics about the people you are registering to vote, and download the registration data of those who register to vote through your website.