Becoming a Member

North Carolina Campus Compact is a coalition of college and university presidents and chancellors interested in building the capacity of colleges and universities to produce civically-engaged graduates and strengthening communities. Membership is open to the presidents and chancellors of all regionally or nationally accredited institutions and systems of higher education in North Carolina who are interested in:

• Integrating the ethic of community engagement throughout their institutions
• Promoting, facilitating and rewarding community engagement through all available avenues
• Inspiring, endorsing, and rewarding faculty efforts to integrate service and community engagement with academic study
• Fostering thoughtful reflection and engaging students in lifelong constructive efforts that address the problems of our state and society
• Developing and endorsing policies and structures on campus, state and national levels that support community engagement
• Collaborating with other institutions to strengthen regional initiatives and establishing long-term systemic support for all forms of campus-community engagement.

Step 1

The President or Chancellor writes a Letter of Commitment stating his/her support for the principles and initiatives of NC Campus Compact.

Step 2

The President or Chancellor appoints one to three individuals to serve as the Civic Engagement Liaisons (CELs) for NC Campus Compact.  Select individuals that will ensure Compact information will be shared broadly so that your campus can receive all benefits associated with membership.

Step 3

The CELs or President's Office complete the Institutional Contact Form to identify key contact people who may receive information, publications, and any other communications from NC Campus Compact. Click here for Institutional Contacts descriptions.

Step 4

Pay membership dues of $5,500 per year for four year institutions and $3000 for two year institutions. Checks should be made payable to North Carolina Campus Compact and sent to the address below.  Payment of dues includes membership in national Campus Compact.

Step 5

E-mail the completed Letter of Commitment and Institutional Contacts form to or mail to:

René Summers, Program Assistant
North Carolina Campus Compact
2257 Campus Box
Elon, NC  27244

Step 6  

Upon receipt of your membership dues and review of the aforementioned forms, your institution is eligible for all membership benefits and the campus liaison will be invited to attend the New Member Orientation.  You will receive new member information from both the state and national offices.

Your president or campus liaison may also wish to send a campus-wide, "Dear Colleague" letter or email to announce the institution's membership and summarize upcoming network events and benefits. Download the 2017-18 Dear Colleague Template.

Important Dates

Although, a president or chancellor may join at any time, to take full advantage of benefits, join by June 1. If joining at other times in the year, NC Campus Compact may offer a modified fee structure. 

Once you become a member, you will receive the annual dues renewal request in April with a June 15 deadline to renew. 

Please join by January 15 to be eligible to participate in the VISTA program for the upcoming academic year. 

For additional information or to request a campus visit, contact Executive Director, Leslie Garvin, at at or 336-278-7278.