Name Tag Information

Wearing name tags is especially important in the opening days of a new academic year to help those who are new to campus learn names and put names and faces together. There are other times throughout the year when wearing name tags is also helpful, such as family weekend and college coffee. Make sure you keep your nametag to wear periodically and again next year!

Each NEW employee will receive a name tag for the 2017-18 academic year and to wear again in the future. 

Name Tags

*Current employees should wear the name tag that they were issued last year with our latest branding and logo on it.*

Name tags for *new employees only* will be delivered to each office by August 18. Please pick yours up from your program assistant. If you are unable to get to your office prior to planning week, you may stop by the name tag table at the Monday morning reception to get one. After Monday's reception, please see the program assistant in your area to get your nametag.

Plastic Covers

Current employees should re-use one of their existing 3 x 4-inch plastic covers. If you need a new one, please pick one up at our table at the Monday morning reception. New employees will receive their name tag in a plastic cover that should be kept to be re-used throughout the year and in the future. 

To help us identify (and welcome) the newest members of our community,

      New Faculty members will have a green dot on their name tag.

      New Staff members (hired after June 1, 2017) will have a blue dot on their name tag.

If there is a problem with your name tag, please contact Mary Southern in the Office of the Provost: 336-278-6647 or