South Africa Study Abroad

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Class of 2008

Kaitlin "Khanyisa" Abbey chose to go on The Call of South Africa Study Abroad program because she was very interested in learning about the cultures of Africa and  gaining insight into how to help people there who are in need. She says, "I know I may never have another chance to travel to South Africa so I am very excited for this great experience." 

Amanda "Nomvula"Aumiller Exercise/Sports Science Major- Class of 2010- Baltimore, MD
"I chose this study abroad program because I have always wanted to travel to Africa and this seemed like an amazing opportunity. I am not only excited by the chance to see a country so different from my own, but also the chance to perform some service and aid people in need. I am greatly looking forward to learning more about South Africa's culture and meeting people native to the land. I hope to take in as much as I can, as I might never recieve another chance to travel to this continent again. I believe that it is important to see as much of the world and its people as one possibly can and I am eager for this experience."

Erica "Letchiwe" Ayala Political Science Major - Class of 2008 - Bronx, NY
"I would like to study in South Africa because I have been committed to serving children for the past two years and look forward to continuing my work abroad. In addition, the history of race matters in South Africa favors, in many ways, American history. The outcome of slavery and segregation compared to apartheid, in my opinion, is similar. I hope to learn more about this issue."

Michaela "Kenkani" Barrett Business Marketing Major/ Art Minor - Class of 2008 - Plymouth, MA
"Studying abroad and traveling the country of South Africa is an opportunity that I am thankful to have received. My first experience in a country with a culture that was vastly different from our own was in the Peru winter term course two years ago. This was an awakening for me, and I was excited to learn and experience a different way of life. Traveling to places that are full of history and culture, and getting away from your typical resort desintations will continue to influence my perception and understanding of the world. I am thrilled to see the country, the people, and experience the culture whicand continue to broaden my horizons."

Michael "Riedewaan" Blake  Music Education major/AAASE minor - Class of 2009 - New Jersey
Muchael had never left the United States when he enrolled in the program, so he saw this as a new experience to experience a different culture. He writes, "I remember first learning about some of the history of South Africa when I was younger and this immediately intrigued me. This course provides the perfect opportunity to continue to not only learn about South Africa and its rich history, but to actually step foot on the soil where so much has happened. I cannot wait to embark on this journey!"

Ashley "Mujadi" Cambridge Business/Marketing major/Psychology minor - Class 2009 - Manchester, MA
I'm very excited about South Africa!


Ashley "Leila" Dischinger Journalism major/International Studies minor - Class of 2010 - Oak Ridge, NC.
"I love traveling and learning more about other cultures, and I absolutely cannot wait to study in South Africa. As a journalist, I am also looking forward to understanding the role that the media has played in South Africa's history, especially relating to the topic of apartheid. I know this will be an invaluable experience, and I look forward to the opportunity of a lifetime!"

Lauren "Leti" Doxsey Journalism major/History minor - Class of 2008 - Andover, MA.
"I'm extremely excited to visit South Africa in January, as it will be my last winter term abroad. This program will definitely give me the chance to experience a different culture and observe the people as well as the wildlife. I'm also interested to learn about the impact of communications in South Africa, as numerous technological advances are being made nowadays. I'm excited to leave and meet everyone!"

Danielle "Nombulule" Durst Corporate Communications Major/Leadership/Music Minor - Class of 2009 -N. Virginia
"Visiting South Africa is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I do not see many people taking honeymoons and family vacations to South Africa, so who knows when I will ever get another chance to visit such a fascinating nation. Studying South African apartheid and culture will add to my study of Civil Rights from last winter term and my appreciation for my own Jamaican and African-American heritage. I think the most profound way to change our paradigms is by learning and experiencing those that are different from our own. I am really excited to expand my horizons and ignite my passion for the underrepresented in the world!"

Kelci "Tandilla" Flowers Psychology Major/Criminal Justice Minor - Class of 2009 - Atlanta, GA
"My entire life I've been extremely interested in traveling, and this curiosity has sent me to Canada, Mexico, the Carribbean, France, and Switzerland. Therefore, as my junior year ended last spring I knew that I wanted to spend my last winter term studying abroad. Of all of Elon's fabulous winter term programs, I chose South Africa because of the amazing and facinating way that its history of apartheid mirrors America's history of Jim Crow segregation."

Charles "Gevaarr" Griffith Political Science Major - Class of 2009 - Norfolk, VA
"As a political science major, I figured South Africa would be a great place to go to learn more about other cultures and to see firsthand how the country is run. I also had a really good friend during my junior year of high school who was an exchange student from South Africa and after knowing her, I have always wanted to learn more about the country. I cannot wait to get to South Africa in January and see what this place is really all about."

Robert "Umkulu" Harrison LSM major - Class of 2009 - London, England
" I want to go to South Africa because i went there in 2000 on a cricket tour, and was amazed by the country. I have wanted to go back ever since. On this trip, we went to a lot of interesting places, but we weren't there to study the country's history. This course offers me a chance to learn about South Africa's unique past."

Katherine "Jabuleli" Koeppel Human Service major/Business & Spanish minor - Class of 2009 - Fairfax,VA
"I am looking forward to studying abroad in South Africa for a variety of reasons. First of all, there is no better way of learning about a culture than going there and experiencing it for yourself. Being a Human Services major, I  had the opportunity to learn about and work with many different cultures. Actually setting foot and studying abroad in South Africa will help me better undersand the obstacles that others work so hard to overcome. After this experience, I hope to have gained another world perspective, which will be an invaluable tool as I pursue a career in human services."

Martha "Sibongile" Lester Corporate Communications Major - Class of 2009 - Columbus, Ohio
When I heard of all the great experiences from some of the students in last year's program, I knew immediatly that this would be something that I would love to experience myself. I love to travel, have gone to many places in Europe and I loved learning about the different cultures there, and I knew that I would love to do something different. This is a once in a lifetime chance. When else will I have to the chance to travel to South Africa and be immmersed in the culture? I am excited for the experience and to learn more about South Africa's history and culture."

Kelsey "Khethiwe" Lodge Broadcast and Corporate Communications Major, Class of 2009 - Cleveland, Ohio
"As soon as I read the description for the South Africa course, I instantly knew that this is where I wanted to go. Most likely I would never just go to South Africa on my own, so I am really excited for this oppportunity. I am looking forward to learning more about the media and culture in South Africa."

Lindsay "/lindiwe" Morgan Psychology and Corporate Communications - Class of 2009 -  Atlanta, GA
"I have wanted to go to Africa my entire life, specifically South Africa. The diversity in Africa is somewhere that you cannot experience anywhere else in the world. I also admire leaders in the country such as Nelson Mandela, and am intrigued to learn more about apartheid and his time spent on Robben Island. I am interested through both of my majors, in culture and the effects of diversity and I think that this will enrich my education from Elon."

Mark "Lala" Nesline 5th year “Super-Senior” Entrepreneurship Major/ History minor - Towson, MD
"I am pumped to spend this WT in South Africa. I have always wanted to travel to a very exotic part of the world. One of my very good friends is from South Africa, and I have another friend from Botswana. They have told me amazing things about this part of the world, and I wanted to check it out. Also, I am very interested in History and am excited to learn more about apartheid and another countries struggle to come into existence."

Rebecca "Bokkie" Porter-Orr Senior Leisure and Sport Management Major - Class of 2009 - Spartanburg, SC
"I am so excited to travel to South Africa for Winter Term this year! I have never study abroad with school before and couldn't imagine a better experience than to go with my peers and professors to really learn about such a unique place. I am looking forward to furthering my knowledge on South Africa and gaining an understanding about the culture and people there."

Monica "Tolisa" Poteat Biology major - Class of 2009 - Kannapolis, NC
"There are many different reasons pertaining to why I wish to travel to South Africa. I want to gain an experience that I would not be able to gain otherwise. I would like to learn about a place that is far different from what I am used to. Also, I am not able to travel often, and I wanted to go somewhere meaningful, somewhere that I would learn about a part of the world that has an important place in history."

Amy "Nizolo" Rodrigue Psychology Major - Class of 2008 - Waterville Maine
"I am counting down the days until WT 2008 begisn. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I am glad I am having the chance to participate in. I have been to many other countries in my life; however, I chose to study in South Africa because how many people can say they have been? I am looking forward to serving others who are less fortunate."

Erica "Nothandi" Rossi Elementary/Special Education Major - Class of 2009 - Cary, NC
"I want to travel to South Africa because I want to join the Peace Corps when I graduate from Elon and it seems logical to me that I should at least visit the continent before I commit myself to being there for two years. I am also very committed to service and children and when I saw that this course included both, I knew I wanted to go. I am so excited to learn about South Africa's history and culture." Erica is completing her Peace Corps service in Lesotho.

Graham "Biou Wildebeest" Rountree Broadcast Communications major - Class of 2009 - Raleigh, NC
"I've never really been outside the US before, so I figured South Africa would be a good place to go since everyone mostly goes to Europe. I really like to see different places and I'm real excited about all South Africa will offer. I only heard good things from people who went on the program last year so it only seem natural to go myself."

Chase "Philani" Rumley Political Science Major - Class of 2009 -Greensboro, NC
" I am interested in studying about South Africa because it relates to several courses I have previously taken at Elon, including an extensive study of the Civil Rights Movement in America. I was able to travel to locations throughout the South that impacted American culture, and am excited about having the same opportunity to do so in South Africa. I am also excited to study on a continent that comprises a large amount of human history."

Ashley "Molo" Sabol Psychology and Business Majors - Class of 2009 - New Hope, PA
"I have always been interested in traveling to Africa. This particular study abroad course interests me because of its heavy emphasis on the culture and struggles of the country. I hope to learn a lot and gain a better understanding of what life is like in South Africa. I think experience and travel are the best tools for learning."

Sarah Robyn "Ntombi" Shipley Business Marketing Major - Class of 2009 - Cincinnati, OH
"I chose to study abroad in South Africa because it is a place that I have not previously traveled to and it is probably a part of the world that I may not get a future chance to visit. It will also be very interesting to talk to South Africans to compare the similarities and differences of our countries. In addition to learning more about South African culture, history, and their way of life, I believe that this program will allow me to experience learning in a totally different environment. I am really looking forward to this once in a lifetime opportunity to study abroad in South Africa!"

Sadie "Tete" Stafford Communications Major/Dance Minor - Class of 2009 - Orlando, Florida
"I went to Kenya and Tanzania when I was 13 years old and absolutely fell in love with Africa. It was truly incredible and I thought it would be a once in a lifetime experience for me. But then when I saw that Elon offered a study abroad program that traveled to South Africa, I was immediately intrigued. The course itself looks absolutely amazing, with service programs and safaris. I am so excited to partake in this program and cannot even imagine the experiences we will all have together. I can’t wait to experience a culture which is so vastly different than my own, and know that it will only help me to gain a better view, understanding, and appreciation for the world that I live in. I am truly thankful and thrilled to be a part of this incredible experience!"

Ashley "Loleta" Vosh Psychology Major/Biology Minor - Class of 2008 - Queensbury, NY
"South Africa always seemed like this far off land to me and I wanted to travel with Elon to a country where I wouldn't normally take a vacation. I am so interested in seeing the beauty of the South African landscape, Cape Town, and meeting the country's people. For these reasons and many more, I chose to study abroad in South Africa. I am so excited to be going on the adventure of a lifetime and learning about the history of  apartheid!"

Hilary "Bobbejaan Pragtig" Watson Business Major - Class of 2008 -Baltimore, MD
"I chose to study abroad in South Africa because I know that I will never be given the opportunity to go to South Africa ever again. Being able to travel to all the cities will be such a learning experience."

Kimberly "Chuma" Wilson LSM Major/Business Minor - Smith Mountain Lake, VA
"Traveling to South Africa is an opportunity I feel is once in a lifetime. I have a huge interest in exploring new cultures and meeting new people. My career interest is in event planning; in learning more about a different culture, I feel I have more to offer my clients. Being able to connect with different people from different cultures will be an assest to my future. I think South African culture and history has a lot to offer."

Nicole "Mandiswa" Zawada Elementary Education Major - Philadelphia, PA
"I am interested in traveling to South Africa because I feel it will help me when I teach. I want to prepare myself in every way so that I can offer my students a view of the world that doesn't offer a one-sided American viewpoint. By being able to study the history and apartheid of South Africa, I feel I will be preparing myself further for my future by taking part in this course."


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