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Lingerie not just underwear, sexy fashion has changed

Canden Schwantes / Columnist

Let’s talk about sex, baby, because that is what modern fashion seems to be saying. Not too long ago it was standard, if not socially required, to keep anything remotely risqué in the closet. Thanks to “Sex and the City” and runway style, fashion is having a huge coming-out party.

All the major designer-window displays look more like a lingerie store than clothing store. Sexy sleepwear has become the favorite “out on the town and very much not in bed” wear. I swear I saw the (while sometimes very cute, sometimes very disturbing) “Victoria’s Secret” slip over jeans with heels look more times than I can count during the first weeks of school.

According to hosts Stacy and Clinton on TLC’s  “What Not to Wear,” lacy camisoles are “evening wear” and no longer just for the boudoir. Even though this lingerie look can be classy and tasteful, it still brings the mind back to the bedroom.

Lingerie has infiltrated the fashion world, and in turn fashion has taken a step into the bedroom. Fuzzy bedroom slippers have grown stiletto heels– because at the end of the day that is how I want to relax. No evening is up-to-date without matching underwear sets, complete with lace, bows and the occasional hardware. According to my roommate, boys find the concept and effort put into matching underwear sets remarkably funny. I’d have to agree that it is one of those things that if you think too much about it, you’d laugh.

When it comes to modern fashion, if you think about any of it too much, you’d laugh and/or be confused at most of it. Being a girl, a decently fashionable girl at least, is hard. Even the jeans and tee-shirt outfit can have its complications. I think I can learn to love this new lingerie trend, as long as flannel button-ups don’t become the new winter outerwear.

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