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Something to think about before voting

Daniel Shutt/ College Democrats Correspondent

Is America on the right track? Or are we headed in the wrong direction? On Nov. 7, Americans across the country will have a chance to tell their elected representatives that it’s time for a change.

For the last six years, Republican leadership has given us:

1. Soaring budget deficits and a scandalous national debt, thanks to out of control spending, corporate giveaways and pork barrel corruption.

2. A culture of corruption and scandal, in which Washington spends more time protecting politicians than protecting the American people.

3. A failed strategy in Iraq, leading to the death of nearly 3,000 brave, American soldiers, and a less stable Middle East.

4. The shameful mismanagement of FEMA and the destruction of New Orleans, a world-class American city.

5. Higher gas prices and an increased dependence on foreign oil.

6. Slashed student loans and higher college tuition rates.
Washington is simply out of touch. George W. Bush and the Republican Congress have been in power so long that they’ve forgotten what real leadership is about. That’s why Democrats across the country are stepping up to lead America in a bold new direction:

1. A government as good as the people it serves. Let’s restore honest government and crack down on politicians who use the system for their perverse gain.
Americans should never be ashamed of their government and deserve a Congress that can be trusted.

2. Common sense, responsible spending and a reduced deficit. Democrats will get serious about reducing the deficit by returning to “pay as you go” rules – if Congress wants to spend our money, it should know where the money’s coming from.

3. Real national security. With a Democratic Congress, we’ll make national security a priority, not just a slogan. Democrats will do the right thing and enact all of the recommendations of the 9-11 Commission, to ensure that terrorists aren’t able to hit us again.

4. Energy Independence. We will invest in the energy solutions of the future, making Americans less dependent on foreign oil and creating 21st century technology jobs. The oil companies and their lobbyists won’t like it, but we’ll do the right thing for America.

5. Fighting for the middle class. Democrats will make sure that America’s economy is working for everyone, not just the fat cats and CEOs. It’s time to give Americans a raise and increase the minimum wage so average people can pay their bills and achieve their dreams.

6. Accountability and honesty. Bush and Cheney need to get real with the American people and our soldiers about how they plan to win in Iraq.

Democrats will demand a strategy for victory and we won’t let anyone shortchange our troops.

This election is about our future, the America that we will inherit together.
Whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican or somewhere in between, we’re all Americans and it’s time to unite again. So, join us this fall as we bring the country back for everyone.

Together, America can do better.

Contact Daniel Shutt at or 278-7247.

The College Republicans organization was given the opportunity to submit a piece representing their side. Their submission is yet to be received.