The Metaverse Roadmap Summit - May 2006

descriptionThis page offers links to a series of interviews about the future of the internet conducted with participants in the Metaverse Roadmap Summit at Stanford Research Institute International May 5 and 6, 2006. Participants included Esther Dyson of CNET Networks; Randy Farmer of Yahoo; Raph Koster, former Sony Online Entertainment CCO; Mike Liebhold of the Institute for the Future; Jamais Cascio of Open The Future; David Smith of Open Croquet; Daniel James of Three Rings; Ethan Zuckerman of Harvard and many others. Twenty-four of the 40 futurists, technology architects, academics, and entrepreneurs who met at SRI to begin work on a 10-year technology forecast and visioning survey were interviewed about the future of the internet for this site. Follow the links below to hear or read the interviews.

On screen - 24 individual video interviews:

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In Print - 24 interviews in transcript form:

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Questions/Answers - links to audio clips by topic:

>>What would you ask policymakers to do to ensure a positive future for networked technologies?

>>What is your most fervent hope for
the future of networked technologies?

>>What is your greatest fear for
the future of networked technologies?

>>During the next decade, what technology
will have the greatest impact on our everyday lives?

>>Looking more than 10 years in the future, what
technological development will have the greatest impact on society?

>>Listen to the keynote address by Mike Liebhold

The Metaverse Roadmap Project ( is an effort led by the Acceleration Studies Foundation ( to predict the nature, scope and form of the future of the 3D internet, including synthetic worlds and geospatial information systems.


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