Reserve a Van through Moseley Front Desk

The SPACES scheduling system is designed to help you secure a van for your desired traveling. If you have questions or concerns about how long you can reserve a van, please contact the Moseley Front Desk (ext. 7215). Click here for more information on the polices and procedures of the Moseley Vans.

Things to Remember

  1. Student Groups: If the vehicle is traveling over 60 miles from the university and/or is an overnight trip, a staff/faculty advisor MUST BE PRESENT and in the van. The advisor cannot drive separate.
  2. On the day that your reservation begins, please bring a list of ALL passengers, and please provide a MapQuest map and list of directions to your destination, along with the mileage to the location (starting point should be 400 N. O’Kelly Ave. Elon, NC 27244).
  3. When picking up the van keys, please allow enough time for the Moseley Front Desk staff to find your reservation in SPACES, obtain the van keys, and answer any questions that you may have about van usage.
  4. When given your key, you will also receive a mileage card. This card requires you to write down the start mileage on your van and the end mileage once your trip is over. We also require you to write down the amount of gas deposited in your van throughout your trip on this card.
  5. When driving an Elon University vehicle, it should not be operated above 65 miles per hour or the maximum posted speed limit. Also, the driver should avoid using a cell phone while operating the vehicle.
  6. You are responsible to completely fill the van with gas before returning your keys at the end of your reservation. Even in the case where an organization only drove a few miles, you are still required to replace the gas that was used. Please fill up the tank until the gas dispenser “clicks”, meaning that it is completely full.
  7. If your organization uses University vans frequently, you may want to consider purchasing a BP Gas Card. This will make the process of returning your vans much smoother, and will make it easier to completely fill your van with gas each time.
  8. Please clean your van prior to bringing the keys back to the front desk. Remove all personal items from the vehicle, and please clean out all trash left in the van.
  9. When you bring your van(s) back to campus, please park the vehicle(s) in a designated space in the KB North parking lot.
  10. Please promptly return your key(s) and mileage card(s) to Moseley Front Desk at the end of your reservation. During busy times at Elon, organizations may have specific vans reserved near the time that your organization’s reservation ended with the same vans. If it is not brought back promptly, another organization’s trip may not be able to begin at its scheduled time.
  11. Any maintenance problems, accidents, or tickets should be reported to Moseley Center Front Desk immediately upon return to campus.
  12. To find further information about Elon University’s policies regarding van use, please refer to the University's Travel Policies.
  13. Elon University has the responsibility to be in compliant with ordinances in place at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Beginning April 1, 2011, each university vehicle with twelve passenger occupancy and above will be equipped with a transponder provided by RDU. The transponder is a device that monitors vehicle usage by commercial vehicles. Each time the vehicle passes a designated monitor, the vehicle will be charged $1.50. Each department who has the vehicle checked out will be responsible for paying this fee. There will be a designated space to park when waiting for passengers to board the vehicle in order not to continue to circle the airport. The charges will be sent to the Automotive Services for distribution to the appropriate department or organization. Your account number will be charged for this fee. The Odyssey Mini-Vans are not included in this program. Elon University is one of many triad/triangle schools that have been affected by this ordinance. More information will be conveyed as the date approaches.