Office of Civic Engagement Council Members 2015-2016


Jon Dooley
 Assistant Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Campus Life
Jason Husser
 Assistant Professor of Political Science and Policy Studies
 Faculty Fellow for Civic Engagement




 Tom Arcaro
 Professor of Sociology and Director of Project Pericles
 Project Pericles
                                  Brooke Barnett
                                  Associate Provost for Inclusive Community and Professor of Communications
Alexa Darby Alexa Darby
 Associate Professor of Psychology
 Civic Engagement Scholars
 Kenneth Fernandez
 Assistant Professor of Political Science and Policy Studies and Director of Elon Poll
 Steve Friedland
 Senior Scholar and Professor of Law
 Leslie Garvin
 Executive Director of North Carolina Campus Compact
                                 Meir Goldstein
Associate Chaplain for Jewish Life

 Sharon Hodge
 Associate Professor of Marketing
 Janet MacFall
 Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology
Mary Morrison Mary Morrison
 Assistant Dean of Students and Director of the Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community    
 Jana Lynn Patterson 
 Associate Vice President for Student Life, Dean of Student Health and Wellness and Assistant Professor
   Janelle Rouse
                                   Director of Collegiate Start and Collegiate Mentoring

 Jodean Schmiederer
 Associate Dean of Students for Leadership and Honor Code and Assistant Professor
 Frances Ward-Johnson
 Leadership Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor of Communications
 Matthew Weidenfeld
 Assistant Professor of Political Science and Policy Studies