Sigma Gamma Rho Monument Dedication

Presented by Allison Grimes, 2005 and Ronetta Walker, 2005

We will do a libation with our official plant to honor our Sorority founding members. It's an African tradition of honoring our past by giving to the living. This is symbolized by announcing the name of the dead and pouring water into a living plant.

After the libation we would like to recite this poem:

To the Elon Greek Community

Are you an active member,
The kind that would be missed
Or are you just content to see
Your name on the list?

Do you attend the meetings,
And mingle with the flock
Or do you always stay at home
And criticize and knock?

Do you take an active part,
To help your group along
Or are you simply satisfied
To say that you belong?

Do you ever volunteer
To help the guiding stick
Or leave the work to just a few,
Then talk about the clique?

Come out to all the meetings,
And help with hand and heart.
Don't be just a member,
But take an active part.

Participate in all the events,
And stay until the the end.
Don't leave the work to just a few,
Be faithful and chip in.

Just think this over, Fellow Greek,
You know right from wrong;
Are you an active member
Or do you just belong?