Important Dates

Fall 2014

August 23 (Saturday)

Returning student check-in 8 am – 3 pm

August 24 (Sunday)

Returning student check-in starting at 9 am - pm

August 26 (Tuesday)

Classes begin

October 10 (Friday)

Fall Break begins at 2:50 pm

October 15 (Wednesday)

Fall Break ends at 8 am

October 17-19 (Friday - Sunday)


November 26 (Wednesday)

Houses close at 10 am for Thanksgiving

November 30 (Sunday)

Houses reopen at 2 pm

December 2 (Tuesday)

Fall Term classes end; 24 HOUR QUIET HOURS BEGIN at 7 pm

December 10 (Wednesday)

Houses close at 10 am

Winter Term 2015

January 4 (Sunday)     

Houses reopen at 2 pm

January 6 (Tuesday)

Classes begin

January 26 (Monday)

Winter Term classes end; 24 HOUR QUIET HOURS BEGIN at 7 pm

January 27 (Tuesday)

Winter Term Examinations

January 28 - February 2

(Wednesday – Monday)

Winter Term Break (Fake Break)

Spring 2015

February 3 (Tuesday)                           Classes begin
March 21 (Saturday) Houses close at 10 am for Spring Break
March 29 (Sunday)

Houses reopen at 2 pm

April 6 (Monday)

Easter Holiday

May 12 (Tuesday)

Spring Term Classes End; 24 HOUR QUIET HOURS BEGIN at 7 pm

May 20 (Wednesday)

Houses close at 10 am for ALL residents (except Seniors & those assisting w/ commencement)

May 23 (Saturday)

Commencement - Seniors depart by 2 pm

Early Arrival Policy

Elon University does not permit students to arrive to their campus residence prior to the designated move-in day. We understand, however, that there are students who may need to arrive early to campus due to their involvement in leadership positions within student organizations, orientation events, varsity athletic programs, or other matters of university business. Arrangements will be made for those students by the appropriate advisor or coach. These advisors and coaches will contact the students about their arrival date and time. Any student who moves into their housing assignment before opening day and is not approved will be assessed and early arrival fee of $25 per day charge and face disciplinary proceedings. In addition, the student allowing an unapproved student into the facility will also be charged a fine and face disciplinary proceedings.

Note: Greek Housing does not make exceptions to this policy.