Greek Life Mission Statement

Building a Better Community

Membership Program: We will ensure the quality of new member education by utilizing educational materials and programs promoting Greek Life and continue to place an emphasis on scholastic achievement.

Membership Education: We will utilize the resources and timetables of each chapter's inter/national organization to provide a more positive educational experience with a zero tolerance for hazing.

Living the Ritual: We will strive daily to conduct ourselves in a manner that exemplifies our ritual through scholarship, community service, personal accountability and continuing education.

Leadership: We will enhance our leadership development through such strategies as transitional leadership programming. We will continue to support Greeks in other leadership positions.

Public Relations

Internal Relations: We will use our resources to encourage and develop strong relationships among other Greeks, faculty, staff and administrators, and non-Greeks in order to establish mutual respect and dispel stereotypes.

External Relations: We will promote a positive image of the Greek community by developing a comprehensive public relations program and encouraging appropriate behavior from organizations and individual members.


Housing: By working with inter/national organizations, local chapters, alumni and Elon, we will give priority to developing a process to define the housing needs and preferences of each Greek organization and to provide housing to meet those needs and preferences.

Greek Week: We will conduct Greek Week in a manner to accommodate all Greek organizations, celebrate Greek life and promote healthy and friendly competition.


Self Government: we will charge NPHC, PHC and IFC to serve as the Greek leadership board to support all chapters, promote Greek life and to assist chapters with leadership development through scheduled joint meetings.

Judicial: Inter/national organizations and individual chapters retain the right to evaluate and sanction infractions of inter/national and/or chapter policies. We will utilize a Greek Judicial System to adjudicate alleged infractions of campus and Elon Greek community policies by Greek organizations through the appropriate council (NPHC, PHC, IFC).

Social Life: We recognize the value and importance of Elon and national risk management policies and we will abide by these guidelines, promoting responsible behavior and concern for members and guests with regular feedback and evaluation from the administration and students.

*Adopted by all member chapters during the Elon College Greek Summit, October 22, 1995.