National Hazing Prevention Week

Elon celebrated NHPW with a poster campaign and anti-hazing messages on both social media and chapter nightly e-mails. Click here for more information on Elon's policies on hazing.

Keep an eye out on campus for the NHPW posters featured below. Click here for more information on Campus Speak's annual contest and to see past winning submissions.

Daily Hazing Prevention Messages


What can Kid President teach us about hazing? Awesome, inspirational video alert!

Kid President says we are all teachers and we are all students. What are we teaching the world? What are we teaching our new members? Hazing doesn’t make the world more awesome. If it did, “hell week” would be called “awesome week.”

Being awesome makes the world more awesome. Let’s teach our new members with awesomeness.

Not what you’ve been doing? Need some new ideas for educating with awesomeness? Here are 100 ways to create good members without hazing.


Change starts with one little thing. Do one thing this week to stop hazing. Check out this article from AFLV’s blog for ideas on how to start.

Want to drive change and show people Elon students don’t stand for hazing? Make a statement on social media. Click here to try some of the pithy memes from Phi Mu and HazingPrevention.Org!


Check out this response to a controversial article about one woman's stance on hazing published by Cosmopolitan Magazine this week. Seems like Cosmo didn't get the message that it was National Hazing PREVENTION Week...

Special shout out to the Elon graduate who spoke out in the comment section of the original article. "This is appalling," wrote Jen Nelson. "I can't believe Cosmo endorses women humiliating and degrading each other. My sorority experience was 110% hazing free and I have just as much love and respect for my house and my chapter."


Judged, punished, deprived, hazed, forced, abused, bruised are cruel words. Those words don’t make people more awesome. They make people ashamed and broken. Treating someone without humanity destroys trust, even in the future. Hazing creates divisions in organizations. What if all of the members of your organization had trusting relationships built on mutual respect? More brotherly and sisterly relationships built on helping each other succeed? Sounds awesome. Treating people with kindness and concern for their well-being is awesome.

The NHPW posters went up on campus to show our community’s anti-hazing stance. Click here for more info or to see more iterations of the posters.


How do you know if something is or isn't hazing? Simple. Just ask.

Check out this blog post from Fraternal Thoughts. We loved their easy flowchart of the “Just Ask” solution to hazing featured below.