Housing Application and Selection 2014

We are pleased to announce the seventh system-wide application and selection process for the Loy Neighborhood. Every three years, this process is convened and it allows groups to apply for any of the facilities in the Loy Neighborhood. Applications are reviewed by a committee of faculty and staff members that evaluate applications for chapter growth and development, in addition to a chapter's ability to care for a facility. For more detailed information, please click the link below to access the application.


Important Information

  • Applications are due Nov 15 by 5 pm in the Greek Life Office 
  • Turn in an electronic copy via e-mail or on a CD
  • Demonstrating growth is better than perfection
  • Write for your audience and be detailed
  • Include information from Spring 11 – Present
  • All organizations must reapply if they wish to have housing during the next triennium
  • Ask for supporting documentation ASAP