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SPARKS Presentation and Workshop Options

SPARKS Peer Educators offer a variety of workshops for classes and for student organizations. Please fill out the form below to request your presentation. We do not schedule workshops  during  first two weeks of the fall semester  - go ahead book your workshop today!!  

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Choices for Elon 101  

(45 minutes) This interactive and discussion-based workshop provides students with an introduction to alcohol use, consent and sexual violence prevention through active bystander skills. Students will discuss risk reduction behaviors for substance use and talk about alcohol-free activities in and around the Elon community. Students will explore the components necessary for consent in sexual activity and be introduced to active bystander techniques for sexual violence prevention. This workshop is intended to be an introduction to these topics and does not replace the “Alcohol Jeopardy,” “Let’s Talk About Sex,” or "Active Bystander" workshops.

Alcohol Jeopardy

(45 minutes) This presentation is an interactive Jeopardy-style program that familiarizes Elon students with lower risk drinking behaviors, the components for consent, responsible hosting behaviors and NC state laws and campus policies about alcohol. Categories of questions include: BAC (Blood Alcohol Content), NC Laws, Elon, Statistics, and Alcohol.

SPARKS Stress Suppressants

(45 minutes) This workshop is an interactive discussion about stress management for college students. In this program, peer educators give information about the impact of stress on college students and how to identify good stress versus distress. SPARKS then facilitates a discussion-based activity to encourage students to learn healthy and productive ways to handle stress and educates students how to access campus resources including Student Counseling Services.

Eating Healthfully at Elon

(45 minutes) This interactive program that explores “My Plate” and helps students explore how their eating habits impact their health. SPARKS helps students identify resources for managing their diet and develop healthy eating habits, as well as to understand the language of nutrition. SPARKS will introduce students to behaviors that can negatively impact one’s mental and physical health and give resources for students that may be struggling with disordered eating.

Let's Talk About Sex

(45 minutes) An interactive, judgment-free program about sexual decision-making in college. In this workshop students will receive information about consent, protection and contraception, sexually transmitted infections and testing. SPARKS will lead activities that help students understand the importance of proper use of barrier protection methods. Students will be introduced to thinking critically about images of sex and sexuality in the media.

Healthy Relationships

(45 minutes or 90 minutes) This workshop includes an interactive discussion about the dynamics and components of healthy relationships. SPARKS will lead discussion-based activities about how relationships are portrayed in the media and how to identify potentially unhealthy behaviors within relationships. Students will explore ways that they can increase positive communication within their relationships and learn about resources for individuals in unhealthy or abusive relationships.

Active Bystander

(45 minutes and 90 minutes) In this workshop students will explore their values and how language and actions impact their relationships, community and culture. Students will be introduced to roles of individuals within potentially harmful scenarios and barriers to intervening. Students will engage in discussions about identifying and safely responding to bias, harassment, stalking, relationship and sexual violence.