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IPE CoverVolume 10 July 2001

Note from the Editor, JULIANNE TREME and HEATHER WINNOR, Elon University

Foreward, JAMES AHEARN, Elon University


DAVID FRANK, Iona College
To Switch or not to Switch: An Examination of Consumer Behavior in the Credit Card Industry

PETER BOGARDI, ANDREW KNUDSEN, and CAREY SCHILDT, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Swedosclerosis or Psuedosclerosis?

JESSICA AL-BANNA, Elon University
Maternal Employment and Scholastic Achievement: Evidence from North Carolina

MEGHAN BISHOP, Mary Washington College
Credit Spending and its Implications for Recent Economic Growth

EMILY POLITO, Trinity College
Is the Forward Exchange Rate a Useful Indicator of the Future Spot Exchange Rate?

RUOGU HUANG, Nankai University, China
The Myth of Preferential Trade Arrangements: Are PTAs Good for Global Free Trade?

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