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Volume 19 July 2010

ANDREW GODBURN, University of Mary Washington Note from the Editor & Foreward


KEVIN C. GARLAN, College of Mount Saint Vincent
Migrant Worker Remittance Payments: Targeting the Determinants of Resiliency

TRAVIS R. OWENS and MARTIN G. SAROV, St. Lawrence University
Determinants of Consumer Attitudes Towards E-commerce

JORDAN RHODES, Trinity College
The Suitability of Accession Countries in the Euro Area

TRAVISS CASSIDY, Georgetown University
How Foreign Aid Affects Terrorism: Studying the Channel of Social Spending

INES QUINTANA, West Chester University
A Study of the Cross-state Effects of Smoking Bans on Gaming Revenues: The Delaware / New Jersey Experience

HAL MARTIN, Elon University
Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights: Estimating the Optimal Level of Enforcing Patent Protection

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