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Volume 22 July 2013

EMILY PLANTE, Elon University
Note from the Editor & Forward


Jae Bradley, Bowdoin College
Creating and Testing a Production Function for Olympic Medals

Paul Mack & Tyler McWilliam, Loyola University Chicago
Determinants of Residential Heating and Cooling Energy Consumption

Raahil Madhok, McGill University
Reservation Policy and Criminal Behavior in India: The Link Between Political Reservation and Atrocities Against Scheduled Castes and Tribes

Justin Lewis, Tulane University
Veiled Waters: Examining the Jones Act’s Consumer Welfare Effect

Daniel Nellis, Grinnell College
Measuring the Change in Effectiveness of Quantitative Easing

Jack Nuland & Justin Ingram, St. Lawrence University
The Pursuit of Increased Human Capital:Who’s Going to College, and Why?




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