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Elon Poll examining climate change opinions after Hurricane Florence generates widespread media coverage

The poll results released Oct. 11 examined how N.C. voters prepared for Hurricane Florence and how their thoughts about climate change have shifted over time. 

Husser offers look ahead at Nov. 6 election on episode of NC SPIN 

Jason Husser, associate professor of political science and director of the Elon University Poll, joined other political scientists from around the state on the Oct. 26 episode of the weekly public affairs program on WUNC. 

Husser offers insights for Washington Post article on climate change

Husser discussed the results of the most recent Elon Poll that asked about changes in opinions about climate change in the wake of several hurricanes and storms that devastated North Carolina.  

Elon Poll: After Hurricane Florence, North Carolinians believe climate change impacting coast, support environmental policy changes

The Elon University Poll also explored how North Carolinians were impacted by Hurricane Florence, how they might confront the next hurricane that hits the state and how they believe leaders responded to the storm, among other topics.

Elon Poll: N.C. voters know little about proposed constitutional amendments 

A new Elon University Poll found that support for two constitutional amendments to appear on the ballot this fall shifted when voters received additional explanation of what the amendments entail.

FOX News features Husser's insights on N.C. redistricting court battle

Jason Husser, associate professor of political science and director of the Elon University Poll, offered his thoughts on the implications from a recent court ruling in the lawsuit challenging the state's Congressional districts. 

The Conversation:  Mentors play critical role in quality of college experience

A new article written for The Conversation by President Emeritus Leo M. Lambert, Assistant Provost Peter Felten and Associate Professor Jason Husser explains that strong relationships with faculty, staff and peers are key to a rewarding college experience.


Elon Poll: Relationships with mentors, friends have powerful impact on college experience

A new Elon University Poll finds of more than 4,000 college graduates finds that building relationships is key to positive perceptions of the undergraduate experience.

Husser offers insights on Amazon HQ2, economic incentives for New York Times article

The article for the New York Times UpShot section focuses on the lengths that cities go to when trying to land large economic development projects, and features comments from Jason Husser, director of the Elon University Poll and assistant professor of political science. 

Elon University Poll receives A- rating from news site FiveThirtyEight

Launched in 2000, the Elon University Poll has become a respected resource for public opinion research with statewide and national surveys conducted by telephone and online.

Elon Poll on Amazon HQ2: What residents in 19 U.S. finalist cities think about the $5B project

This survey by the Elon University Poll, conducted in partnership with The Business Journals, tracks support for the expansive project and how locals believe it might impact their lives.

ELON POLL: N.C. teachers opposed to carrying guns in their classrooms

A new Elon University Poll conducted in partnership with the Raleigh News & Observer and Charlotte Observer finds that a large majority of educators in the state say arming teachers with guns is a bad idea and would increase gun-related deaths in schools.

ELON POLL: ​N.C. voters more tuned in to leaders in Washington than to those governing in Raleigh

The most recent survey also found that nearly half of all voters say the congressional redistricting process is "not fair at all" though many are unsure of the details of the process.

Elon experts offer insights into impact of the Rev. Billy Graham

Assistant Professor of Political Science Jason Husser and Associate Professor of Communications Anthony Hatcher offered their thoughts on the career of the Rev. Billy Graham, who died Feb. 21 at the age of 99. 

Husser featured in segment on the divide between Democrats, Republicans

WFMY News 2 turned to Jason Husser, assistant professor of political science and director of the Elon Poll, for his thoughts on how voters feel about members of the opposing political party. 

ELON POLL: N.C. shoppers optimistic about economy, say Cyber Monday bigger than Black Friday 

The most recent survey by the Elon University Poll also asked about spending plans for the holiday season, political talk around the Thanksgiving table and favorite Thanksgiving traditions. 

ELON POLL: One in three in N.C. impacted by opioid addiction crisis

The most recent survey by the Elon University Poll also asked about local resources to address the crisis, whether it’s a criminal or medical problem and whether the crisis is getting enough attention.

ELON POLL: N.C. voters say Russia investigation is ‘serious matter’ and will reveal more criminal activity

The most recent statewide survey also asked about media bias, the support of N.C. senators for President Trump, and the potential for a nuclear attack during the next year by the U.S. or North Korea.

ELON POLL: N.C. voters disapprove of Trump’s job performance, say president should work across the aisle

The most recent statewide survey also asked about NFL player protests, Congressional action on Obamacare and DACA, and whether Confederate monuments should be removed.

Voters weigh in on Charlotte mayoral race, state of race relations, job approval for Trump, Cooper

This survey of Mecklenburg County voters by the Elon University Poll was conducted in partnership with the Charlotte Observer and WBTV Television and covered a broad range of topics relating to North Carolina’s largest city.

Della Volpe to deliver Core Forum address on Millennials and civic engagement

John Della Volpe is the director of polling at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics and is founder and CEO of SocialSphere, a big data and social media analytics company. 

Work progressing on Sankey Hall, other projects around Elon’s campus

Summer is the busiest time for construction on campus and there are many projects underway. Read this second update for more details about enhancements to Elon’s outstanding environment for learning. 

ELON POLL: Half of N.C. voters approve of job Cooper doing as governor, support legalizing medical marijuana

The spring Elon University Poll also delved into issues including firearms on private property, the legal smoking age, climate change, HB2 and craft beer distribution.

ELON POLL: N.C. voters oppose war with North Korea, split on further military action in Syria

N.C. voters also weighed in on whether the U.S. should accept refugees from Syria and the benefits of global economic engagement.

Elon Poll finds voters frown on Trump's tweets, split on his media claims

The Elon University Poll surveyed more than 500 N.C. voters about whether they viewed the president's use of Twitter as appropriate, and his claim that the media is the "enemy of the American people."

ELON POLL: Trump support declines in North Carolina at the end of the first 100 days

The survey conducted April 18-21, 2017, also found that N.C. voters oppose Trump tweets and border wall with Mexico. 

The Conversation: What will pollsters do after 2016?

Elon's Jason Husser, director of the Elon University Poll and assistant professor of political science, writes about how to the polling industry can improve its accuracy going forward. 

Media turns to Elon political science professor to sort through election results, polling impact

Jason Husser, assistant professor of political science, is the director of the Elon University Poll. 

In close contests, final Elon Poll foreshadowed Election Day results

The Elon University Poll conducted three surveys this fall, with the final one coming a little more than a week before Election Day.

The Conversation: Voters in Texas, North Carolina, Ohio and Florida are changing the swing state map

Jason Husser, director of the Elon University Poll and assistant professor of political science at Elon, offers pre-election insights into the battleground state of North Carolina as part of this piece for The Conversation.

ELON POLL: Presidential, governor’s races too close to call in N.C., voters worried about decisions next president will make

The survey conducted Oct. 23-27 is the final survey by the Elon University Poll before Election Day on Nov. 8.


Wall Street Journal, Business Insider cite Elon Poll in latest election coverage

The results of the Elon Poll were included in articles about how the presidential race is playing out in North Carolina. 

Harvard focus group connects Elon students with peers during third presidential debate

Five Elon students were among a group of 25 brought together by Harvard University's Institute of Politics to discuss their views during the last debate. 

Elon Poll director offers insights for national article on WikiLeaks email dump

Jason Husser, assistant professor of political science and the director of the Elon University Poll, was interviewed by members of McClatchy's Washington Bureau.

Elon University Poll results generate national media coverage

The results of the second Elon University Poll of the fall season were released on Tuesday, Oct. 4. 

ELON POLL: N.C. voters split on police treatment of blacks, support public access to police videos

The survey of likely N.C. voters is the second this fall by the Elon University Poll, and relies upon Elon students as live interviewers of hundreds of voters.

ELON POLL: Clinton jumps to new lead in N.C., Cooper ahead of McCrory

The survey of likely N.C. voters is the second this fall, and relies upon Elon students as live interviewers of hundreds of voters.

ELON POLL: Trump and Clinton virtually tied in NC with racial and gender gaps among likely voters

The survey of registered voters in North Carolina was conducted by the Elon University Poll from Sept. 12 through Sept. 16. 

N.C. voters oppose HB2, razor-thin margins in governor, U.S. Senate races

The survey of registered voters in North Carolina was conducted Sept. 12-16, 2016. 

Elon Poll featured in news report on first-time voters

The segment aired Thursday, Sept. 15, on WFMY News2. 

USA Today and College Factual recognize several Elon academic programs among the nation’s best in 2017 college ranking

Elon University earns 33 badges for excellence in rankings based on the outcomes of a college education. The rankings were published Sept. 8 by USA Today and College Factual.


With Elon Poll, students can play a role in 'one of the most exciting elections' of their lives

Student workers are now being recruited for The Elon University Poll, which will conduct three surveys this fall before Election Day in November. 

Register to Work for the Elon University Poll

The poll offers an opportunity for Elon students to conduct important election research in North Carolina.

Elon Votes! College Coffee Table – Sept. 13

Phi Beta Kappa Plaza, 9:40-10:20 a.m.

Elon Poll: Cooper pulls ahead in N.C. gubernatorial race

The latest Elon University Poll finds that Roy Cooper, North Carolina's attorney general, is building a lead over incumbent Gov. Pat McCrory as McCrory's approval rating hits its lowest point since April 2014.

Elon Poll: In N.C., Donald trumps the GOP but not Hillary

Likely voters in North Carolina would currently vote for either former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders over any of the 2016 Republican presidential nominees, save for one - Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

Kenneth Fernandez featured in Slate story on abortion

The director of the Elon University Poll shared his analysis of the North Carolina political landscape and the way abortion debates could influence the 2016 elections.

Elon Poll: N.C. divided on fairness in the courts

Just 40 percent of North Carolinians believe that, as a whole, people "usually" or "always" receive a fair outcome in their dealings with the state court system, according to the latest Elon University Poll.

Elon Poll: The doctor is 'in' in the Tar Heel State

In North Carolina, Dr. Ben Carson leads the competition in the race to secure the GOP nomination for the 2016 presidential election, according to the latest Elon University Poll. Carson also tops former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a general election hypothetical head-to-head match up.

Elon Poll: N.C. primary voters favor Trump and Clinton, with a twist

The first Elon University Poll of the fall shows that North Carolina Republicans currently favor real estate mogul Donald Trump more than other GOP presidential hopefuls in the race for the White House, but defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton in the Tar Heel State next fall may require another nominee. 

Elon Poll: On Fourth of July, common ground on food but not beer

In addition to questions about pending Supreme Court cases and presidential politics, respondents in the latest Elon University Poll were asked to share their plans for the Fourth of July weekend.

Elon Poll: Americans showing love to Jeb & Hillary

The latest surveys from the Elon University Poll asked respondents to share traits that come to mind when they see the names of elected leaders with presidential ambitions.

Elon Poll: In North Carolina & beyond, fix Obamacare

Respondents in the poll's latest online surveys offered their views on legal questions about to be announced by the U.S. Supreme Court, including the Affordable Care Act and the rights of states to decide for themselves whether to recognize same-sex marriage. 

Elon Poll: N.C. frowns on 'religious freedom' for denying service to people who are gay or lesbian

The latest Elon University Poll found that a majority of North Carolina registered voters don't support legislation that would allow business owners with strong faith convictions to refuse service to people who are gay or lesbian.

Betty Morgan and Eric Fink present workshop on legal issues in internships

Betty Morgan, an associate professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration and director of the Elon Center for Public Affairs, and Eric Fink, Jennings Professor of Law and Emerging Scholar at the Elon University School of Law, presented a pre-conference workshop on Legal Issues in Internships and Experiential Learning for the National Society of Experiential Education in early October.

Elon Poll: N.C. supports police body cameras & public release of footage

While most people in the latest Elon University Poll approved of police officers wearing body cameras, when respondents were asked whether the video footage itself should be made available for public inspection, patterns started to vary based on political ideology and race.

Elon Poll: Looking ahead to 2016, N.C. favors Clinton over Bush

The first Elon University Poll of the spring semester finds support in the Tar Heel State for two familiar names as several national politicians begin to express interest in succeeding President Barack Obama.

Elon Poll named a charter member of national transparency program

Led by faculty members Kenneth Fernandez and Jason Husser, the poll is taking part in an initiative created by the American Association of Public Opinion Research to encourage openness in the way survey firms share their findings.

Time Warner Cable News interviews Jason Husser on election ballots

The assistant professor of political science and Faculty Fellow for Civic Engagement spoke with the North Carolina statewide news channel on Jan. 6, 2015, about the pros and cons of paper ballots versus touchscreen voting.

Jason Husser talks politics with North Carolina media

The assistant professor of political science and Faculty Fellow for Civic Engagement spoke with Time Warner Cable News and with WFMY News 2 in early December about politics and the U.S. Senate's report on CIA torture.

Midterm Election Early Voting Shuttle and Election Night Watch Event

North Carolina Campus Compact (NCCC) recently announced that Elon University won the NCCC voter registration contest by registering the most students among eight participating North Carolina universities. 

Elon Poll: In a close race for U.S. Senate, images and ballot order matter

The Elon University Poll, for the first time in its history, used an online survey to ask registered voters about their impressions of North Carolina's U.S. Senate candidates this fall while measuring the way name ordering on ballots might affect support for major party nominees.

Elon Poll: Hagan leads Tillis with wide gender gap among likely voters

Democratic incumbent U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan holds a small edge in a bid to retain her seat this fall against challenger Thom Tillis, speaker of North Carolina's House of Representatives and one of the state's most powerful Republican leaders.

Political expert: In 2014, 'thumb on the scale' favors GOP

Charlie Cook, one of the nation’s most respected political commentators, told an Elon University audience Wednesday that historical and demographic trends favor a Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate this fall - but the GOP shouldn’t be too giddy as 2016 looks to be a blessing for Democrats.

In My Words: The numbers on mental health

Following the suicide of actor and comedian Robin Williams, Assistant Professor Jason Husser examines survey data on American attitudes toward mental health and calls for more efforts to be made to remove the stigma of depression.

Jason Husser talks polling on WUNC's 'The State of Things'

The assistant professor of political science and assistant director of the Elon University Poll was a program guest on Friday, July 18, 2014.

Jason Husser speaks with WFMY News 2 about federal lawsuit

The assistant professor of political science and assistant director of the Elon University Poll offered an analysis of a federal lawsuit to prohibit the state from implementing a new voter ID law.

Washington Post blog publishes guest column from Jason Husser

The assistant professor of political science and assistant director of the Elon University Poll penned a May 8 viewpoint analyzing the way in which North Carolina's Republican-controlled legislature might inadvertently boost Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan's reelection bid.

Elon Poll: Residents more upbeat about N.C. with mixed views on social issues

Nearly half of respondents in the latest Elon University Poll say the minimum wage should be at least $10 per hour, more people than not believe access to abortion should be made less difficult, and the state is still generally sour about "Obamacare."

Elon Poll: Kay Hagan’s approval stalls as Thom Tillis grows name recognition

A top Republican in North Carolina politics has bolstered his visibility leading up to a May 6 primary where the GOP will elect a candidate to challenge Democrat Kay Hagan for her U.S. Senate seat this fall.

Elon Poll: North Carolinians in the dark about 'sunshine' laws

Nearly two out of three respondents in the latest Elon University Poll are unaware that North Carolina laws exist to make many state government records open to inspection by residents.

Elon Poll: Approval ratings decline for president, governor, Congress, General Assembly, U.S. Senators

Registered voters in a November survey showed increasing dissatisfaction with many of their elected leaders and highlighted healthcare as the most important issue in the country.

News 14 Carolina interviews Jason Husser about GOP split

The assistant professor of political science spoke with North Carolina's statewide cable news channel about visible disagreements among members of the Republican Party.

Kenneth Fernandez discusses Elon Poll with media

Several regional news sources, including News 14 Carolina and the Associated Press, reported on findings from an Elon University Poll conducted in September 2013.

Sign up now to work for the Elon Poll

Shifts are open from Sept. 13-16 inside the Gray Pavilion in the Academic Village.

Jason Husser speaks with WFMY News 2 on nuke plant safety

The assistant professor of political science offered a word of caution about a recent academic report calling for enhanced security at U.S. nuclear plants.

In My Words: Don’t let a sensational trial convict our whole justice system

The acquittal of George Zimmerman in the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin  sparked cries of a broken system from many Americans, but Assistant Professor Kenneth Fernandez warns about the risks of possible court reforms.

In My Words: Ignore the hype, for North Carolina’s future is strong

The New York Times and other national media outlets have recently published opinions critical of the state, but Assistant Professor Jason Husser counters that the best is yet to come in North Carolina.

Elon students active in National Campaign eligible for new Harvard graduate scholarship

Beginning in 2014, the John C. Culver Institute of Politics Scholarship will be awarded annually with full tuition toward a graduate degree at the John F. Kennedy School of Government.

In My Words: The first steps toward healing involve remembering

Assistant Professor Jason Husser writes in a newspaper column about his childhood home's plan to honor a black sheriff's deputy slain in the 1960s.

In My Words: Rethink what you know about 'the South'

A Winter Term course with International Fellows inspired Assistant Professor Jason Husser to explain why stereotypes can hurt a region.

Elon University in the News - Winter Term 2013
Faculty, students and staff continue making headlines for their research interests, service efforts and professional accomplishments.
Professors answer questions about the Pope
Faculty say Pope Benedict XVI’s abdication this month is a major event in global history and may impact religion & politics in the U.S.
Sign-ups now open for upcoming Elon Poll
Elon students can volunteer to call North Carolina residents later this month as the Elon University Poll holds its first survey of the spring.
In My Words: We're all to blame for cliff diving
Assistant Professor Jason Husser uses a newspaper guest column to suggest ways for Americans to foster cooperation in Washington.
In My Words: Laughing at ‘secession’ misses the bigger problem
In a newspaper column, Assistant Professor Jason Husser explains the discontent that compels people to push for independence from the United States.
In My Words: 'Sleeping giant’ shapes American politics
Kenneth Fernandez, director of the Elon University Poll, looks ahead to future elections and the role Latino voters will play in deciding outcomes.
Elon political experts featured across North Carolina
Faculty and staff from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration offered live television analysis of 2012 election results.
Kenneth Fernandez discusses Latino voters with News 14 Carolina
The new director of the Elon University Poll helped with analysis of a keynote speaker for the Democratic National Convention.
Elon Poll: Presidential race a dead heat in N.C.
President Barack Obama's support comes from youth, women; former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is backed by men & older voters.
Speakers discuss influence of religion on politics
The CEO of a nonpartisan institute on faith & public life was joined Oct. 10 by an Elon professor to share insights as the elections approach.
Lively student group gathers to watch presidential debate
About 60 students came together on Oct. 3 to assess the candidates and talk about Campaign 2012.
Elon Poll now recruiting student callers
The Elon University Poll will conduct a survey of North Carolina voters from Oct. 21-26, 2012.
Panel offers insight into Elon Poll results
A panel of political analysts and journalists said the North Carolina electorate's dynamics indicate it will lean toward Mitt Romney in November.
Charlotte event offered unique experience for students
A dozen Elon students attended a Sept. 3 Elon University Poll press conference and panel discussion with political experts and journalists.
Elon Poll: Romney leads in N.C. as DNC begins
With Democrats visiting Charlotte for their party's convention, Republican challenger Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama in North Carolina.
Elon launches special 2012 elections website
A new resource shares information on ways Elon University is engaging the community in the 2012 elections.
Elon joins with TurboVote to make voting easy
Elon students can still register and then vote absentee in their home states - all with a few clicks of the mouse.
Special Elon Poll now recruiting student callers
The Elon University Poll will conduct a special survey starting the weekend before the first day of class.
Elon Poll: Romney trails Obama in favorability in N.C.
Conducted April 22-25, the latest Elon University Poll asked about presidential candidates, campaign finance laws and "The Buffett Rule."