Jesse Lee
Class of 2011

Jesse Lee is currently living in Asheville, North Carolina where he is running a small business named Outrider USA. Outrider USA specializes in high-performance pedal-electric transportation, and the Outrider USA team is having a whole lot of fun and learning a ton along the way.  In July 2012, Jesse and his coworker competed in the Pike's Peak Cycle Hill Climb in Colorado (which is one of the most grueling stretches of mountain road in the United States).  They were thrilled to have won first and second place while setting a new course record!! Through their efforts they proved the tremendous potential of Outrider USA technology as a real-world transportation solution.  Just recently, Outrider USA had a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised over $125,000 for the lauching of the Horizon Trike, an adaptive trike. Jesse said, "Starting a small business is perpetually challenging, and I am thankful to have invested the time and energy to study leadership at Elon because I'm constantly pulling from those experiences and knowledge."

Below is link to the highlight reel for Outrider USA from the Pike's Peak Cycling Hill Climb 2012. Outrider USA won 1st and 2nd place with a NEW COURSE RECORD time of 23 minutes and 32 seconds. The Transition 422R (Ridden by Tommy) held an average speed of 31.6 mph, and the Transition 411R (Ridden by Jesse) averaged 30.2 mph. 

Check out their website for more information

Lindsey Wagner
Class of 2010

Lindsey Wagner has been teaching Elementary and Pre-school for the past two years in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She decided to make a big career change this summer and focus all of her time and energy on her business, Lindsay's Necklaces. She just launched a new website-! With 10% of the profits from her necklace sales she is supporting a student's education through Teton Literacy, please read the "Our Story" page of the website to learn more; it is her hope that with more necklace sales she will be able to support more students throughout the year!

Sara Pasquinelli
Class of 2010

Sara spent the past two years working for Teach for America in Phoenix, Arizona. She taught middle school social studies to over 230 students. Sara worked extensively with the school’s volunteer service organization, Builder's Club; the Builder’s Club was recognized by Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer for their extraordinary student volunteerism. Sara’s class also hosted the Governor’s Chief of Staff, and this provided the students with the opportunity to connect with local government officials.

Sara was named a semi-finalist in Phoenix for the Sue Lehmann Award through Teach for America. The award recognizes educational excellence and leadership in the classroom. Sara also earned her master's degree in Secondary Education from Arizona State. She is hoping to return to school to pursue a doctoral degree in educational leadership or anthropology. Sara would like to continue working in low income communities in order to end the achievement gap. Sara believes ending the achievement gap is possible by either establishing a high achieving classroom culture or implementing more after-school programs to ensure all learners are invested in education (such as the arts, trades, sports) rather than just book learners.

Meaghan Britain & Marisa Kobus
Class of 2011

Meaghan and Marisa are bringing Elon to Vistaprint!  Vistaprint's purpose is to give micro businesses around the world "a chance to make an impression and stand out with professional marketing products and services at an affordable price." Although the two ladies work in different departments at the US Vistaprint Headquarters, they have been able continue to deepen their friendship.

Anna Hulett
Class of 2011

Anna Hulett is in her 2nd year of a five year doctoral program in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at the University of Georgia. As a graduate student, her primary research focus is on the study of leadership, as well as other facets of the workplace like diversity, employee well-being, and counterproductive workplace behaviors. Anna began her study of leadership at Elon as an Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellow and under the guidance of her mentor, Dr. Chris Leupold, the current Coordinator for the Leadership Studies Minor; she plans to become a global leadership consultant once completing her Ph.D.


Tory Chase
Class of 2010

After a year of teaching Biology and Earth Science at Williams High School in Burlington, NC,Tory decided to pursue my master’s in Marine Biology at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia. Tory says that living in the tropics certainly has its perks; 300 sunny days a year, with the Great Barrier Reef in his backyard, he gets to scuba dive with Nemo the clownfish, Dory the surgeonfish, and Crush the green turtle on the GBR every other week while attempting to memorize the names of crazy looking corals. After meeting biologists from around the world and being in Australia, Tory is living up to the “Think Globally” mantra of the Center for Leadership.

Scott Leighty
Class of 2009

Scott Leighty was an Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellow '09.  During his time at Elon, he served as the Intern in the Office of Admissions, University Guide, Push America (philanthropy) Chairman in Pi Kappa Phi, and as Freshman Fellows Director.

After graduating, Scott completed Push America's Journey of Hope, a 4,000 mile cross country cycling trip raising over $5,000 and awareness for people with disabilities. He worked for a year as an analyst in the Manufacturing and Construction Division at the US Census Bureau.  Scott then went to graduate school at North Carolina State University, receiving an M. Ed. in Higher Education, with a focus on student affairs.  During grad school, he worked in the Duke University Student Wellness Center, High Point University Office of Alumni Relations, and partially in the Department of Greek Life at NC State.

Scott now works at Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity national headquarters serving as the Director of Standards & Accountability in which he oversees all risk management and conduct issues. Scott also serves on Elon's Young Alumni Council.

Ashley Barnas
Class of 2010

Ashley's Legacy Project: The Legacies of Elon's Leaders
The idea for “The Legacies of Elon’s Leaders” was born Sunday, August 23, 2009. Ashley was driving down I-95 to Elon University to start her senior year.  After deciding to create a book, Ashley began listing off the names of professors, staff and faculty members who had had a tremendous impact on her life, and before she knew it, her list included dozens of people.  The book features leaders at Elon University who have had an impact on her education, her life, and her future. They are people who she feels have left a legacy at Elon and who exemplify the characteristics of leadership whether or not they recognize themselves as leaders. Her journey in selecting and learning more about these individuals has proven that we can all be leaders in our own right – it’s what we do with what has been given to us that makes a difference in this world of ours.