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Leadership Coaches


Leadership coaches assume a variety of roles throughout their relationship with the student(s) with whom they work.  However, at its foundation, the coach is responsible for guiding the student through the leadership process.  This requires coaches to:

  • Know and understand the requirements for completing the LEAD Program
  • Meet at least once a semester with the student.
  • Maintain regular contact with the student, even if abroad or otherwise off campus for the semester.
  • In a board sense, assess the the student's leadership effectiveness.
  • Work with the student to construct expectations for the coach-student relationship.
  • Develop and nurture a mentoring relationship with the student.
  • Utilize leadership coach resources, including the leadership coach manual.
  • Challenge the student to grow and excel, while also supporting them.
  • Provide insight, advice, and feedback to the student
  • Encourage the students to move through the LEAD Program and continue their involvement through the next respective Tier.

There are as many ways to coach a student through the LEAD program as there are students enrolled.  If you have any questions or concerns as a Coach, please contact the Center for Leadership.

Resources for Coaches

The Center for Leadership can provide active and prospective coaches the support they need to feel successful in their coaching responsibilities.  These support initiatives include:

  1. Offering Coach Workshops at throughout the academic year.  We offer the following sessions multiple times each semester:
    1. Coaches Manual - download this manual for questions to ask students, program requirements, and useful information
    2. Coach Orientation (60 min) – provides an introduction to the LEAD Program, including participant requirements, coach expectations, and strategies for successful coaching
    3. Coach Connection Roundtable (60 min) – designed to help coaches address concerns and receive feedback; includes a variety of topics such as challenges to coaching, how to teach reflections, etc.

2. The Center staff also coordinates an annual Opening Ceremony every fall to bring students and coaches together in a larger community. This is a great chance to connect with your Certificate student(s) and meet other participants and coaches in the program, while learning about program updates and be inspired by a leadership speaker.

3. Within the Leadership Center, there is a Resource Library that includes books and articles related to coaching and mentoring.  All library resources can be checked out by any leadership coach.  Additional materials are located in Belk Library.

4. Lastly, Center staff is interested in meeting individually with any coach who has questions, concerns, or would like advice.  Please contact the Center at 336-278-5323 to schedule a meeting.