Institutional Changes

We are proud that our national ranking for LGBTQIA Inclusion has skyrocketed this year.
In 1 year, Elon University has jumped over 250 universities, now officially at
4.5 out of 5 stars on the CampusPRIDE Index for LGBTQIA Inclusion.

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Progress from LGBTQIA Task Force & Implementation Team

Name Change WGSS – serve on WGSAC
Lesbian & Gay Literature and Culture:  Queer Histories, Queer Lives, Queer Archives
LGBTQIA EduSessions in academic classrooms upon faculty request
CATL Teaching While Gay & Teaching LGBTQ Students

Campus Safety & Police
Greek Life – all 44 Pi Chis for sorority recruitment, last year NPHC and ZTA
SPDC – entire department
60 FacStaff in Nov
NCAA Team Captains – 45 people
Coaches coming up

2 trainings for student team leaders and professional staff
Added pronouns to forms
Trans athletes can participate on team that aligns with their gender identity
Policies for overnight trips & rooming assignments

Residence Life
Colonnades – Gender & Sexuality LLC – uptick for next year’s apps
Oaks, Station, Colonnades – Options for LGBTQIA students to live w/suitemates of any gender
RA Trainings
Global – Partnering w/Amy Allocco – queerness in comic books GN House Dinner in April

Offer the question “Do you identify with – on Prospective Inquiry Cards
Offer the question on Admissions Apps (552 /10,400 = 5.3%, higher than some ethnic groups, interesting given the age, think of the amount of students who didn’t feel comfortable marking that.)
2 trainings for entire staff
Universal Restroom signage in Inman Welcome Center, up to 35 universal restrooms
LGBTQIA Student College Fair every August
Inclusion in Phoenix Fusion event every Spring as well as Game Day at Elon

Human Resources
Supervisor Series Mon Feb 23 LGBTQIA topics for supervisors in OLPD
Link on HR website to GLC, we’re adding FAQs for prospective employees
LGBTQIA Employee Resource Group – socials, mtg on calendar with Pres Lambert, 50-100 queer-identified employees including allies in the closet
Marriage Equality don’t worry about pre-tax or post-tax questions
Live-In Partner Policy for ResLife staff and Faculty in Residence includes same-sex partners

Current Students – Name Changes on Records Management – without legal documentation
Alumni – Name Changes on degrees without legal documentation

Truitt Center
Several events on faith & spirituality including Sexy & Genderful God & March 5 event
Weddings policy includes same-sex weddings

National & Statewide Recognition
CampusPRIDE Index  2013 (360/370s, 37%, 2/5) → 2014 (110s, 83%, 4.5/5), March 31
CampusPRIDE blog for Admissions policy
Grant from Guilford Green Foundation to create an LGBTQIA toolkit for university campuses
Duke NC RecSports Assoc Conference → session for all CampusRec areas on infusing LGBTQIA topics
ACPA conference with Elon alum Michael Bumbry on joint partnerships across Advancement, Alumni Engagement, and LGBTQIA Alumni Network.
White House recognition, letter from Pres Obama, and Xmas Cards complete with paw prints from Bo & Sunny

Publications and University Communications
Katie DeGraff is leading efforts for groups like ICC & PICT to review materials, looking for ways to expand representations of LGBTQIA identities aside from a rainbow (short hair, piercings, funky factor)
Admissions asked us to review their brochures as well.

Campus Climate
Active Student Groups – Spectrum, EFFECT, SPARKS
Marketing – “bELONg” pins and stickers
Ally Training framed certificates & door placards “Official Trained Ally”

We have 13-to-15 volunteers
Expanded to include graduate students who do unpaid internships to gain professional experience
Lavender Graduation had triple the attendance of the previous year up to 120 attendees
First batch of 14 scholarships last year at Lavender Graduation
LavGrads had an average GPA of 3.61
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