Residence Life

Housing Selection 2017 Overview

Housing selection for returning students allows currently enrolled students who live on campus to choose their housing for next year.  This is an online process.  You must pay special attention to the dates the application will be available and the time you and/or your group is eligible to apply.  Prior to participating in housing selection, you must complete the following:

1. Pay your $125 housing reservation fee. The fee must be paid between January 4 and February 20. The only exception to paying the reservation fee is for students with certain scholarships, who have been notified.  If you are returning to your apartment, you must pay the fee. It can be paid over the phone (336.278.5300), online, or by a check or credit card in the Bursar’s office (Alamance 113). Once you log into Ebill to make a deposit, choose ‘Fall 2017’ from the drop down menu and then ‘Housing Deposit’ from the next drop down menu. For screenshots, please click here.
2. Sign your housing agreement online via Self Service ( This must be done between January 4 and February 20 and you must pay the housing reservation fee prior to accessing the housing agreement. It may take up to 60 minutes for the housing agreement to show up in Self Service after you have paid the housing reservation fee.
3. Match with your roommates in Self Service. Please make sure you and all of your potential roommates have paid the housing reservation fee and completed the housing application in step #2. Housing selection is a live process, so you need to have alternate plans if your group’s first choice is not available. Once you have decided on roommates, you must match with each other in Self Service ( 

The Selection Process:
Students may choose to participate in one of the several phases of housing selection: LLCs, Apartment Renewal, or Changing Assignments. Once you have chosen your housing for you and/or your group, your housing selection process is complete for fall 2017!

Living - Learning Communities                                        Jan. 6-Feb. 10
Students interested in one of our living learning communities must apply online through the Residence Life website between January 6 and February 10. Students who are currently in a living learning community and wish to return must re-apply. 
Living Learning community selection occurs before the rest of housing selection. If you are selected for a living learning community, this is your final assignment for 2017-2018 and cannot be changed. Please be sure the community is something you are willing to commit to for the entire year.

Station at Mill Point and Park Place Renewal               February 26 8am-11pm
Rising seniors currently living in the Station at Mill Point or Park Place wishing to return to the Station next year sign up during this time. They need to pull in other juniors and seniors to fill the spaces in the apartment. It is very important that students wishing to return to the Station or Park Place sign up during this time because they will lose their space if they do not.

Phase Two: Station at Mill Point                                       February 28 Starting at 4pm
Students who have lived on campus at Elon for 3 or more semesters may apply to reside in Mill Point in Phase Two of the Station at Mill Point selection process. Must sign up with 4 juniors or seniors.

Park Place                                                                          March 2 Starting at 4pm
Students who have lived on campus at Elon for 3 or more semesters may apply to reside in Park Place in Phase Two of the Park Place selection process. Must sign up with 3 juniors or seniors.

Apartment Renewal (College Station, Crest, Danieley, and Oaks)                March 3 8am-11pm
Students who choose to remain in their current apartment spaces may return to their assignment for next year providing they sign up with the correct number of roommates required to retain their particular type of space.  (Example: A 3-person group cannot return to a 4-person Oaks apartment).  For information on group minimums click here.  Students may pull in other eligible students from any neighborhood on campus to meet the required number of students to return to a space.

If you choose not to return to your same apartment, you can apply for other on-campus apartments, flats/suites, singles or doubles.

Phase Two: Apply for a New Space (not in the Station at Mill Point or Park Place)
March 6  Phase Two – JUNIORS & SENIORS (until the cap is reached)
March 27-28 Phase Two Apartments – SOPHOMORES (for students who have lived on campus for 1 or 2 semesters).
March 29-30 Phase Two Residence Halls – SOPHOMORES (for students who have lived on campus for 1 or 2 semesters).

Priority for Signing Up for Housing
Rising Juniors and Seniors: To determine priority order in applying for housing in Phase Two, you will be given a Housing Priority Number (HPN).  This HPN is based on your cumulative GPA and your semesters in housing (you receive one point for every semester lived on campus).  Your individual HPN determines what time you are eligible to log on to Self Service to complete the housing application. The higher your HPN the earlier you are eligible to begin. 
Rising Sophomores: Students who have paid their deposit and signed the agreement will be given a random sign up time for Phase Two.

Please Note
1) Students will not be able to return to their same residence hall space; only apartments. Students wishing to return to the same neighborhood in a residence hall must go through Phase Two.
2) Students studying abroad spring 2017 will maintain their same priority for housing selection if they lived on campus fall 2016.  They should go through the online process with the students living on campus spring 2017.
3) Students who are abroad in fall 2017 should NOT sign up for housing during housing selection. These students will apply for housing in fall 2017 (October/November) if they wish to have housing in winter or spring 2018 when they return. Failure to comply with this will result in loss of housing for the student and their group. Students who are abroad fall 2017 and interested in living in an apartment, may:

i. pre-arrange with another student to live in their space when that student vacates for spring 2018, only via the Lease Turn Over Form or,
ii. apply in fall 2017 for open residence hall spaces on campus for spring 2018.
*Note: Housing is not guaranteed for juniors and seniors when they return from abroad in winter/spring.
4) Returning Student Housing Selection is only for enrolled students who currently live on campus.  Groups must be formed with people who are currently residential students.  Students who have withdrawn, students who will be re-admitted for the fall, new incoming students, and new incoming transfer students are not eligible to participate in this housing selection.  Students in these categories have their own housing application/selection process that occurs in the summer.
5) Students who do not currently live on campus are not eligible to participate in housing selection 2017 unless they complete the Request to Participate in Housing Selection in Self Service by February 3 form and are approved. This form will be posted in Self Service in January.
6) Two-year residency requirement.  Incoming new students and rising sophomores (current first year students) are required to reside on campus unless exempted by Residence Life.  Rising sophomores should not sign a lease elsewhere or plan to live off campus before receiving an official release from Residence Life.
7) For rising juniors and seniors, priority for housing selection is based on the number of semesters students have lived on campus (excluding winter term) and GPA, NOT credit hours.  For example, if you entered Elon University in the fall of 2015 and are living on campus this spring, you have lived on campus for 4 semesters (if you did not move off for any reason).  Some first-year students have enough credit hours to be considered a sophomore, but that does not make them eligible to live at the Station at Mill Point next year.  Rising juniors/seniors who have lived on campus 3 or more semesters receive priority for housing selection until we reach the junior/senior limit.  An exception is that transfer students get the same priority as their academic classification.
8) Neighborhoods: While Elon University does not groups students in neighborhoods strictly by class, students will be housed generally as follows in the neighborhoods:

a. First-Years:  Colonnades, Danieley, Global, and Historic Neighborhoods
b. Sophomores: Colonnades, Danieley, Global, Oaks, and Loy Neighborhoods
c. Juniors:  Oaks, Park Place and Station at Mill Point Neighborhoods
d. Seniors:  Oaks, Park Place and Station at Mill Point Neighborhoods