Residence Life

Changes in 2017


Below are several changes to the housing selection process. Please keep checking this website as more information will be posted as we get closer to the process! 

Housing Priority
Beginning in spring 2017, rising sophomores will be given a random sign up time for housing selection instead of the HPN (semesters multiplied by GPA). The person with the earliest time will still be able to pull in roommates. 
Rising juniors and seniors will continue to use the HPN (semesters multiplied by GPA) system for 2017. 

Housing Reservation Fee
The housing reservation fee for all students has been reduced to $125 for 2017. 

Housing Options
While we do not have neighborhoods that are entirely one class, students will be housed generally in the following manner for fall 2017:

First-Years: Colonnades, Danieley, Global, and Historic
Sophomores: Colonnades, Danieley, Global, Oaks, and Loy
Juniors: Station at Mill Point, Park Place, and Oaks
Seniors: Station at Mill Point, Park Place, and Oaks

Students may not return to their current residence hall space unless they are in a LLC and reapply. Students ARE able to return to their current apartment space if they wish. 

The Station at Mill Point and Park Place will have a seperate sign up process before the other phases. Students who currently reside in the Station at Mill Point or Park Place and wish to return will sign up on February 26. Other rising juniors and seniors who wish to live at the Station at Mill Point will sign up February 28. New residents to Park Place will sign up on March 2. 

If you are a rising junior or senior and are not able to/ do not wish to secure a space at the Station at Mill Point and you currently reside in Oaks, Danieley, or Crest/College Station you can return to your same space on March 3.