Residence Life

Expanded Housing 

Residence life is offering current residents the opportunity to apply for the Crest Apartments as part of housing selection Phase One and Two this year.

Demand for campus housing remains high. Offering “expanded housing” at the Crest, allows some students a more independent living option still connected to campus life and also opens beds on campus for other students. Students who choose to live in “expanded housing” at the Crest:

1. are still connected to on-campus housing,
2. maintain their seniority for housing selection, and
3. still pay for housing on their university tuition bill.



• The Crest apartments have four private bedrooms and four private bathrooms, plus a living room, kitchen, microwave, and dishwasher. The clubhouse includes fitness room, computer lab, and kitchen/meeting room.

• All bedrooms in the Crest will be furnished with a bed, desk, and dresser. Living room furniture must be provided by the residents.

• The lease will run from August 1-May 31

• All utilities (cable, electric, internet), except local phone, are included in this rate.

• Sophomores in expanded housing at the Crest can have a minimum 300 block meal plan. Juniors and seniors are not required to have a meal plan but are welcome to do so.

• Although living in the Crest is not the same as living in a residence hall with RA assistance, residence life will place 1-2 student staff members at the Crest. These students will act as resources and provide information/assistance as needed.

• The Elon BioBus has a stop at the Crest during its regular campus loop. Click here for information on parking, e-rides, and the tram/shuttle schedules.



• Rates for will be determined this spring by the Elon Board of Trustees. Rates for the Crest will be less than a standard single rate in the residence halls.

• The room charge will be included in students’ tuition bills, just as if they resided on campus.


What Students Can Do to Prepare

• Review The Crest's website.

• Start talking to family about how this option might work for students.

• Talk to friends and potential group members for next year to see if they are interested in this option.

• Consider how you will get to and from campus. While the shuttle is a good resource runs, students without cars will need to walk, cycle, or carpool at other times. Note: Students with cars are not restricted from driving to campus at any time.

• Remember that even though the Crest is not owned by the university, students are still expected to follow all campus rules and regulations, including upholding the honor code.

Feel free to contact residence life at 336-278-7300 or in Moseley 213 with any questions.