Residence Life

Selection Process Steps

Steps to follow

Step 1: Read/review housing materials 

Step 2: In order to participate in selection you must pay a $200 housing reservation fee. This fee can be paid online in your Self Service site on The Housing Director. 

Once the housing reservation fee payment is made it takes roughly 24 hours to process. Students will need to plan accordingly when applying for housing. 

  • If you are assigned a residence hall space your reservation fee will be applied to your fall tuition bill.
  • If you are assigned an apartment space your reservation fee will be transferred to a security deposit account and will be held until you move out of the apartment.
  • If you do not receive a housing assignment come to residence life and complete a housing reservation fee refund form. Housing reservation fees will be refunded in the same manner that they were paid.

Step 3: Complete the housing application in The Housing Director. You are NOT actually signing up for housing in this process, just signing your agreement and completing an application to participate. This must be done prior to signing up for housing. 

Step 4: Talk to staff, attend information sessions, and choose a phase. 

Step 5: Decide who you want to live with and consider your top choices for where you would like to live. Develop a back up plan. This will help you to consider multiple options like, "if this happens, then we'll do this..." This way, you wil be as prepared as you possibly can be when you apply.

Housing selection is only for currently enrolled students.  Groups must be formed with people who are currently students.  Students who are currently withdrawn, students who will be re-admitted for the fall, new incoming students, and new incoming transfer students are not eligible to participate in housing selection.  Students in these categories have their own housing application/selection process that occurs during the summer months.

Step 6: To determine priority order for students changhing assignments, all students will be given a housing priority number. This number is based on cumulative GPA and your years in housing (you received one point for each semester lived on campus). Your individual number determines what time you are eligible to log on to Ontrack to complete the housing application. The higher your number the earlier you are eligible to begin. You can check your eligibility online after February 8. 

Step 7: When it is your time to apply, one member of your team will log onto the Self Service site in The Housing Director (this must be a team member whose individual housing priority number makes them eligible for that time period). When you log on you will input the Datatel numbers of your entire group. Based on your group size you will be shown a complete list of all CURRENTLY AVAILABLE buildings. If a building has been filled prior to your application time, it will not be shown.