Residence Life

Requests to Move Off Campus

Elon University has a two-year residency requirement based on evidence that students who live on campus are more engaged in the community, perform better academically, and are more likely to utilize campus resources. If students wish to live off-campus before their junior year, they must apply to be granted off campus status and thus be released from the residency requirement.

Information Regarding Requests to Move Off Campus

1.  Decisions will be made based on housing priority numbers (HPNs) starting from the highest to the lowest.  There is a set number of sophomores who will be permitted to move off campus.
2. Students can apply to live off campus individually or in a group no larger than 4. The highest HPN in the group will be used to determine approval to move off campus. Only one application is needed per group.
3.  Students should not plan to move off campus until they have received written approval from residence life. Students who move off campus without obtaining written approval from residence life may not receive any refund of room and board fees and may be liable for all fees.  
4. If you move off campus and later decide you want to move back on, you must complete an application and be approved. Requests to move back on campus are not guaranteed.
5.  Students should inform their families or person(s) financially responsible for them that they have completed a request to move off campus.

Application Due: February 13, 2015  Students Notified of Decision: February 20, 2015
Application Due: March 20, 2015  Students Notified of Decision: March 27, 2015
Application Due: April 17, 2015  Students Notified of Decision: April 24, 2015


If you have questions about moving off campus, please contact Residence Life at or 336-278-7300.