Residence Life

Faculty Connects

The Faculty Connects Program provides opportunities for informal interactions between faculty/staff and students outside the classroom. In this program within the Historic Neighborhood, students and faculty get to know each other as persons and learn of each other’s perspectives and interests over meals and discussions or engage in other activities together.

Overall, the Faculty Connects Program:

  • Increases student knowledge of Faculty Connects and Faculty on campus
  • Builds professional mentorship opportunity for students with key faculty across the university
  • Breaks down barriers between faculty and students that help build learning, understanding, and interaction with faculty outside of the classroom

A few of the activities that Faculty in Faculty Connects participate within are:

  • Helping students create, develop and paint their floor mural
  • Attending floor and building events
  • Attending and participating in Intramurals
  • Attending Elon sporting events with floor members
  • Inviting students to an academic program or campus speaker
  • Hosting study groups or reviewing papers and assignments
  • Hosting gatherings around personal interest or either the faculty or the students within the community

For more information on Faculty Connects or how to get involved, please contact the Historic Neighborhood office