Residence Life

Student Staff and Peer Mentors

Residence Life has created two new student leadership position specifically for Living and Learning at Elon. The Living Learning Community Student Ambassador (LLCSA) is a critical member to an LLC’s overall growth and development. LLCSA are upper-class students that reside within a specific living learning community and serve as a liaison to the LLC advisor. This student will assist with planning of LLC events, administration, student connection and mentorship to LLC students within the community. For more information on this position and to apply, please see the LLCSA Position description. The Lead Student Mentor (LSM) is an upperclass student living in the neighborhood who assists the Faculty Director with Living and Learning Initiatives including event planning, neighborhood association advisement, and student mentorship. For more information on the LSM position, please see the LSM Position Description.

Student staff roles with the Office of Residence Life include:

  • Residence Area Coordinator, or "RAC" -- a student staff leader who assists the professional staff with the leadership and management of the residential area they are assigned. The RAC position helps facilitate the success of the Neighborhood Association, develop and guide neighborhood program development, and serves as a general resource and mentor for the neighborhood residents and student staff. The RACs report directly to the Assistant Director of Residence Life of their neighborhood.
  • Resident Assistant, or "RA" -- serves as a campus and community resource for students. RAs are undergraduate students living in the residence halls who serve as peer mentors, develop floor and community, address issues like roommate/suitemate conflicts, disruptive behavior, adjustment difficulties, and help with administrative tasks. The RAs report directly to the Assistant Director of Residence Life.
  • Apartment Manager (AM) Leadership Position, or “AM” -- Starting for the summer of 2015, Residence Life will employ 14 Apartment Managers (AMs) who support the apartments in Danieley Center, Oaks, and Station at Mill Point Neighborhoods. The AM is an integral part of the residence life team; they are responsible for engaging apartment residents in the residential campus experience as well as the day-to-day operations that are unique to the apartment communities.ence Life of their neighborhood.
  • House Managers--is responsible for all aspects of the chapter house including safety, cleanliness, and day-to-day operations. S/he is also responsible for the check-in and check-out of each resident, closing the house at any and all scheduled university breaks, and the maintenance of the facility itself. The House Manager is also responsible for community development within the chapter facility and the Loy Center at large through the use of educational programs. Additionally, the House Manager is the official chapter contact person to the Office of Greek Life for housing related issues.

In addition to the Resident Assistants, there are several peer mentors who work within neighborhoods, depending upon the location and programs of the neighborhood. Some of these roles include: