Residence Life

Roommate Agreements

All freshmen must print out a roommate agreement and complete it with their individual agreement. One copy must be turned in to your RA no later than September. Please know that no room changes will be considered until this document is completed by both roommates and turned in.

Individual Preference Survey

Whether you have known your roommate-to-be for years, or s/he is someone you are getting ready to meet, living with someone is a totally new experience that can be very rewarding! You both will have experiences and thoughts to share about your new environment. This form is designed to help YOU think about your living preferences and what you like in your living space for the first year of college before you move in. This survey will be used in your conversation with your roommate as you complete the Roommate Agreement during the first two weeks of school.

Elon University Roommate Agreement

The roommate agreement is a tool to help you identify personal needs and desires for your living environment as well as to help you communicate and recognize your needs and your roommate's needs. The roommate agreement is also used to help you set guidelines for the living environment based on respect for each other. This agreement will be completed during the first two weeks of school. Utilize your individual preference survey in creating this agreement.

Apartment/Flat/Suite Agreement Form