Residence Life


Living on campus provides structure with premier residential and dining facilities and customer services in order to:
  1. Support students' academic endeavors.
  2. Provide for students' basic needs of safety, comfort and ability to function within the campus community.
  3. Enhance students' development of like skills and independence.
  4. Create easy and accessible procedures for campus living.
The following general services assist students in taking advantage of the full Elon experience in and out of the classroom.
For the convenience of students, all rooms in Elon's residential facilities come furnished with beds, desks, dressers and/or wardrobes.  Single rooms are furnished with double beds and double rooms are furnished with extra long twin beds. We recommend students use bed rails for lofted and bunked beds.  Contact your area office to get a bed rail.
Cable TV
Basic cable service is provided in each residential facility as part of the room fee. 
Computers/Internet Access
All residential facilites are directly wired for access to the campus computing backbone. There are also numerous computer labs across campus and more than 140 computers in the Belk Library for student use.
Laundry Facilities
Washers and dryers are available at convenient locations throughout the residential facilities. They are coin operated (quarters only) or Phoenix Cash operated.
Phone Service
Phones are not provided in student rooms. Students may use the following methods for phone service: 
  • Cell Phones
  • Prepaid Phone Cards (available for purchase in the bookstore and other merchants)
  • Calling Cards (offered by various long distance providers)
  • 1-800 service for your home
Smoke Free Environments
Elon University residence halls and apartments are smoke free. Students are not permitted to smoke inside. Students must be 30 feet away from any building to smoke. 
Trash Receptacles/Recycling
Trash and recycling areas are provided in each residential facility. Residents are responsible for separating trash and recyclables in these areas. Failure to separate is a violation of county ordinances and goes against Elon's value of environmental preservation.