Violence Prevention

Everyone can do something to prevent violence! Just learning more about how and why interpersonal violence happens can help change a culture that tolerates violence. 

Primary Prevention through Culture Change

Because we believe that violence against women, sexual violence, relationship violence and stalking is an individual choice that someone makes to exert power and control over another within the context of a rape culture, we know that true culture change will be the only way to completely end these types of violence. To that end, there are many strategies we must employ to end interpersonal violence including awareness, education and skill building at all levels of the socio-ecological model (individual, community, world). Below are some of the ways we prevent interpersonal violence at Elon.

Always Get Consent!

At Elon we say that it is everyone's responsibility to GET consent from their partner. What this means is that consent is active and is never assumed. Learn the components of consent and how to ask for consent! 

FLARE Active Bystander Program

Learning how to step in or speak out during a potentially difficult or dangerous situations can be uncomfortable and doing it tactfully and safely takes training and practice. Request a short introduction to being an active bystander 1 to 1.5 hour presentation by SPARKS for your class or student organization or sign up for one of 8 hour FLARE programs to get certified as a FLARE Active Bystander.

Men Preventing Violence

All genders and identities are essential to ending interpersonal violence and the epidemic of violence against women. Visit our webpage on specific suggestions on how men can prevent violence! 

Feminist Self Defense

In our culture and many others, individuals who identify as female or women are told that fighting or exerting physical strength is not acceptable. While we know that self-defense is not a primary prevention technique or the only solution to ending violence against women, we believe that learning your inner and phsyical strength and practicing the act of protecting yourself can be a powerful way for women to combact violence and gain confidence. It is important to keep in mind that the majority of women who experience violence know or know intimately the offender which makes it even more difficult for them to fight back. Visit some of these organizations to learn more!