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Silversun Pickups make the crowd 'swoon'

by Kyle Wiggins-Rowan,

Sometimes referred to as a "shoegazer" band, Silversun Pickups is much more than just another crooning, shoe-staring ensemble. "Swoon" is the Los Angeles-based indie band's second full-length release with Dangerbird Records, and it propels the group forward with a Smashing Pumpkins-like sound.

New songs like "Panic Switch" are grungier and harder than before, but without losing that cool groove found on their previous album, "Carnavas." The lyrics are really good in most of the songs, and the band seems to have gelled in the making of this album. The members appear a more cohesive unit, playing off each other and creating a tight sound.

The band's lineup is comprised of Brian Aubert on lead vocals and guitar, Nikki Monninger on bass and vocals, Joe Lester on keys and Christopher Guanlao on drums. And the best part? Monninger is a chick bassist with a dreamy, raspy voice of the same timbre as Aubert. On some tracks, she comes out to sing for the whole song. Aubert and Monninger's voices are so similar that sometimes it's difficult to tell who is singing.

The band's first release was in 2005 with the E.P. "Pikul." Now, the band's songs have been featured on "Guitar Hero: World Tour" and "Rock Band 2." They have opened for the Kaiser Chiefs, the Foo Fighters and Wolfmother, and they have toured with OK Go and Snow Patrol.
The band members have claimed influences from bands like My Bloody Valentine, Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth.

And as far as the sound of "Swoon" goes, Aubert said on his blog, "Some songs are very quiet and delicate, (while) others are just (freaking) loud."

This band's new album will both claim you and rock your socks off.