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Move-In Day 2009

Walk before you fly: A freshman Phoenix's guide to Elon

by The Pendulum,

Moving In

The class of 2013 moved to campus on Friday, August 28, 2009. With the help of 95 Orientation Leaders and 80 representatives from ResLife, nearly 1,300 freshmen dragged their parents, bedspreads, boxes and books to Elon's campus. With 24 percent of students from North Carolina, other top states represented are Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia.

Class of 2013 charged with years of discovery, self-reflection, growth

As the triumphal procession music began, the cloth backdrop of the podium in front of West dormitory was parted. From there emerged George Troxler with the Elon mace. Following him were the robed and rainbow regalia-clad faculty members. Under the Oaks sat the members of the class of 2013, transfer students, family and guests. Thus was the scene of New Student Convocation the cloudy and cool morning of Aug. 29.

Early arrivals bring life back to Elon's campus

Though new-student orientation and move-in days didn't officially begin until today, signs of student life have been trickling back onto Elon's campus since the beginning of the month. Students involved in athletics, residence life, marching band and orientation cut their summer short to prepare for the upcoming semester.

Irazu reenergizes, revamps The Zone

The Zone, originally constructed as a campus hang out, is about to get a caffeine boost.

New class joins Elon's community

Nearly 1,300 young adults will crowd Elon's campus this weekend, an increasing number of these new students traveling from the Northeast, most planning to major in business and all making up one of Elon's largest freshmen class yet.

Campus Zipcar program expands to three vehicles

After successfully implementing the Zipcar program two years ago, Elon added a third vehicle in August.

'A Thousand Splendid Suns' shines for Elon's new students

Every year, Elon's common reading committee selects one book for freshmen and any other interested students, faculty and staff to read as a community. The book always involves an exploration of the individual and the larger global society, and this year Khaled Hosseini's "A Thousand Splendid Suns" is no exception.

Core curriculum 101: A guide to freshman classes

First year students at Elon have many opportunities to enroll in classes that cover a broad range of topics. Freshmen typically spend the first year enrolled in four core classes, including the global experience, college writing, health and statistics.

iMedia program off to intense, positive start

Three weeks after the launch of Elon's iMedia graduate program, students are already seeing its achievements.

Construction begins for pedestrian underpass beneath railroad tracks

In early August, construction began on the concrete tunnel that will extend under the railroad tracks near North O'Kelley Avenue for pedestrian traffic. The creation of the underpass is projected to take a year to complete.

Holland House jumps the tracks

The historic Holland House, which was home to Elon presidents between 1963 and 1990, moved from East Area to South Campus on June 13 and 14.

North Carolina bans smoking in public venues

North Carolina, a state that relies heavily on the tobacco industry, joined 33 other states and the District of Columbia in implementing smoking bans by 2010. On May 13, the state House of Representatives voted 62-56 on House Bill 2, the bill to ban smoking in public restaurants and bars.

Creating your own legacies

Class of 2013, welcome to one of the finest universities in the world. As the student body president, I am honored to greet you and to provide you with a few words of wisdom..

A blight in August: The dead debate

This summer was supposed to be a continuation of Democratic honeymoon. With massive majorities in both houses of Congress, a president with high approval ratings and a fragmented, shell-shocked Republican Party, the scene was set. The left couldn't lose.

The mercy in the wreckage

Deciding to write for the first edition of The Pendulum this semester, there was hope that there would be a grace period with this whole opinions thing. Nothing too hard, nothing too controversial and nothing anybody could object to. But that kind of article would be ultimately pointless.

Popping the bubble

If you're reading this, you've just taken a tentative baby step in the right direction without even knowing it. Wasn't that easy? Don't stop now.

Throw Vick to the dogs

It takes a unique type of person to kill dogs. To kill hundreds of dogs? The list grows narrower. To kill innocent canines by drowning, shooting and electrocuting them? There are only a few spots reserved for such vicious, heartless human beings. And Michael Vick, a famous public icon, has successfully claimed one of them.

Slideshow from Move-In Day 2009

Check out moments from around campus on move-in day.

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How to survive Elon

Never did I think I would be a senior in college. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting under the oak trees in front of West dorm at convocation receiving my acorn to signify my start to my higher education at Elon University (something I thought was really corny and overly sentimental at the time).

Think smart, save green

Being a student is a full-time job, which can make cash flow a bit tight at times. But a little creativity can stretch a buck and cushion the blow to bank accounts.

New talent drives stellar 'District 9'

Rarely has a movie with an unknown director and unknown writers and actors generated so much buzz. But with an ingenious viral marketing campaign that began circulating in the spring and "Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson attached as a producer, "District 9" quickly became one of the most anticipated science fiction films of the year.

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Important Campus Phone Numbers

A quick rundown of campus services

Elon at a glance

With five miles of brick pathways, 25 academic and administrative buildings and more than 20 residence halls, Elon's campus can be a little daunting in the beginning. Here are a few points of interest and helpful hints that may make the first few weeks a little easier.

The crime and the time

The first few weeks at a new school are always an adjustment period, and one of the biggest adjustments many freshmen face is the freedom to make their own decisions.

Fall sports gear up this week

Phoenix upcoming games

Elon football ranked in top-15 once again

The Elon football team found its way into the top-15 in four preseason polls, including The Sporting News, Any Given Saturday, Athlon Sports and Lindy's.