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Two sides to the story: fall weather wardrobe

Sensibility should outweigh girls' desire to show some skin

by Ethan Smith,

It's November now, fall is coming to an end and winter is soon to follow. This is a time for hot chocolate, warm jackets, cuddle-buddies and, apparently, sundresses, shorts and leggings with cardigans. Inevitably on cold mornings you'll be on your way to class and you'll hear, "God, it's freezing out here!" Then you'll look over to see a girl in spandex shorts and a tank top. Yes, it's cold outside, but no, that doesn't stop some girls from being scantily clad in 30-degree weather. 

It seems as though the colder it gets, the shorter the clothes get. But the supposed "hotness" of your revealing clothes does not correlate to how warm you'll be. And while the advertisements in your favorite stores might show girls wearing skimpy clothing in the dead of winter, the snow in those pictures isn't real and it is no sensible way to dress when the puddles are frozen over in the mornings. 

Now ladies, this isn't to say that you don't look good in these outfits. But it isn't summer anymore and the knowledge that guys are ogling you like a piece of meat won't keep you warm in below freezing temperatures. 

And these outfits aren't just limited to daytime excursions in cold weather. Girls dress just as scantily at night when it's even colder. We all understand that you want to look nice at parties so you can impress the guys who are there. But some outfits just don't leave anything to the imagination, and that takes half of the fun out of it. 

The effort to look nice is always appreciated, but it is infinitely more enjoyable when you look nice and are also dressed for the season. Leggings were designed as undergarments to be placed under jeans to keep out the cold. They weren't designed to wear alone so that the entire university can see your underwear. It would be much more lovely to see a girl that can rock jeans and a jacket rather than have to remove clothing to feel like she looks nice. 

If you choose to dress skimpily in cold weather, prepare to be looked at. Probably because you're attractive, but mainly because we'll be wondering how you can bear the cold. 

If your goal is to attract attention, consider exactly what kind of attention you're attracting. And don't dress just to fit the trend. College is where you can dress however you want because you're busy and you've got no time to care about how you look. 

And next time you think about putting on a sundress when it's below freezing, remember that even animals wear fur coats. 

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