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Name: Thomas Wrobel

From: UK

Bio: Internet User/Gamer

Area of Expertise: Technology Developer/Administrator

Topic: Technology

Headline: Augmented Reality in the Networked Future

Nutshell: Everything, everywhere will make image worthless - the final victory of substance over style.

Vision: The idea of a "Matrix" or virtual world is a common one. What's less common is the far more likely future of an "augmented" world.

We will still live, move and interact physically, but (via AR glasses) our world will have a virtual layer.

The implications of this are quite profound. Almost any physical object we don't need to touch can be replaced by a virtual equivalent that will look and act the same - TVs, radios, maps, posters, clocks, books, newspapers ... hundreds of thousands of objects.

This would grossly reduce the resource consumption of humankind.

Even more profound, it will make image worthless. Anything can be made to look like anything else by having a virtual overlay. It will be the final and total victory of substance over style. Style would, quite literally, be worthless.

This Augmented Network future is quite possible. All the sub-technologies needed either exist or nearly exist. (Transparent organic LED displays being the most recent invention.)

Prepare yourselves, people; the future is augmented.

Date Submitted: 3/10/2006

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