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"Irrelevent, underused, the mind is the next network." - Val

"The internet and the information age will restructure our society fundamentally." - Rick Fleck

"The internet will transport us to any location we'd like, regardless of our geographical location." - Deb

"Human consciousness will be encoded. Space travel is as simple as beaming out copies of your consciousness. Cloning won't be a problem; copying your brain will." - Stuart

"The capabilities of the internet will allow for experiences so close to real life that people will forget to live." - Raquel

"A smaller world makes for a cheap labor market." - Eric Hamilton

"More internet use will lead to low socialization and a diminishment of society." - Robert Taylor

"With increased visibility and communication, the corrupt will no longer be able to hide or enjoy their ill-gotten wealth." - Ashfaq Tunio

"Humans will evolve into a species with embedded devices that allow us to communicate." - Dan Geile

"Metaphysical implications of online communications will force our American community to address the fault lines in our culture." - Lyandra

"We will have the technology to implant the internet directly into our brains. This opens up new terrifying realities for hacking." - Jamie Boyd

"There will be a lack of original thought as people co-opt ideas of others." - PMD

"Intelligent programs will roam the internet, like a life form in its own environment." - Jeffrey Baker

"The successful implantation of some sort of "nano-bio-whatchamacallit" might herald in [a] new era." - Nicholas Compton

"We must evolve without becoming the Borg!" - Bob Gawecki

"The internet will extrapolate … dimensions…??We will be able to get in touch with our relatives, our friends and other people who had passed away." - Marco Veado

"It will forge entirely new types of thinkers, whose kaleidoscopic manipulation of digital media will culminate in an explosive proliferation of innovative discoveries." - Kim Vonder Haar

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External facts and logic part of our brains will greatly improve - Super-smart humans
Direct deposit of information to our minds - no need for extraneous consumption of details.  1/28/2005

The fall of the Dow Jones, the rise of the World Jones.
We will be trapped in a spiderweb.  1/28/2005

The Silicon Ceiling
A more Internet-connected society will reduce and possibly remove many of the factors that allow people to be singled out.  1/28/2005

Revelations Revealed
With RFID, digital medical records, nanotech, biotech, web-services and GPS the ability exists to be "chipped" and "tracked." Privacy and freedom could be threatened. We must be wary.  1/28/2005

There is a great need for balance
Quality and new communication methods are necessary to cope in the new world. Everything will undergo change.  1/28/2005

It is the Ultimate Entertainment Hub
The Internet is the Entertainment Center for the future.  1/28/2005

Secure Communications for the U.S. Military
Secure, robust, multi-level security communications pathways allow minimal forward footprint in theater.  1/27/2005

Securing personal property
Securing and monitoring personal property and family will be accomplished remotely.  1/27/2005

Standards and Meta-Data are the next big revolution
Standards and meta-data will govern information sharing and provide a backbone for new methods of human interaction.  1/27/2005

Our 'Last Best Hope'?
If the Net can manage to sidestep falling into total corporate control, it may be the only glue that can hold us together.  1/26/2005

Space Travel and Living Forever
Human consciousness will be encoded.  1/25/2005

The future of communication is already here
Video phones will access people's at-home boxes within five years.  1/25/2005

The teaching of cyber ethics is vital!
There is and will be a need for the teaching of "cyberethics" in our K-12 school system.  1/21/2005

Moral values are not advanced by the internet
More internet use will lead to low socialization and a diminishment of society.  1/21/2005

Nero fiddles while Rome burns
People will become hermits; they will no longer need the social structure of housing developments/gathering at the well to share information. There will be a lack of original thought as people coopt ideas of others.  1/19/2005

The people can't stop the use of the internet in everything. It shall be free, fast and everywhere. It shall be a natural right!  1/18/2005

There are plenty of disadvantages to the internet
Has technology been worth all of the trouble it is causing? Probably not.  1/18/2005

Easy ride in the business
Economy and business more diffused in the emergent countries.  1/17/2005

Who's who in the virtual world
Virtuality could take over!  1/13/2005

Much more data traffic & speed: "Matrix" scenario likely
Fiber optic everywhere; giant home-user networking.  1/12/2005

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