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"Irrelevent, underused, the mind is the next network." - Val

"The internet and the information age will restructure our society fundamentally." - Rick Fleck

"The internet will transport us to any location we'd like, regardless of our geographical location." - Deb

"Human consciousness will be encoded. Space travel is as simple as beaming out copies of your consciousness. Cloning won't be a problem; copying your brain will." - Stuart

"The capabilities of the internet will allow for experiences so close to real life that people will forget to live." - Raquel

"A smaller world makes for a cheap labor market." - Eric Hamilton

"More internet use will lead to low socialization and a diminishment of society." - Robert Taylor

"With increased visibility and communication, the corrupt will no longer be able to hide or enjoy their ill-gotten wealth." - Ashfaq Tunio

"Humans will evolve into a species with embedded devices that allow us to communicate." - Dan Geile

"Metaphysical implications of online communications will force our American community to address the fault lines in our culture." - Lyandra

"We will have the technology to implant the internet directly into our brains. This opens up new terrifying realities for hacking." - Jamie Boyd

"There will be a lack of original thought as people co-opt ideas of others." - PMD

"Intelligent programs will roam the internet, like a life form in its own environment." - Jeffrey Baker

"The successful implantation of some sort of "nano-bio-whatchamacallit" might herald in [a] new era." - Nicholas Compton

"We must evolve without becoming the Borg!" - Bob Gawecki

"The internet will extrapolate … dimensions…??We will be able to get in touch with our relatives, our friends and other people who had passed away." - Marco Veado

"It will forge entirely new types of thinkers, whose kaleidoscopic manipulation of digital media will culminate in an explosive proliferation of innovative discoveries." - Kim Vonder Haar

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Free Coffee For EVERYONE!
Today we download files ... tomorrow we will download hot coffee!  1/10/2005

Connectivity will explode
The connectivity of individuals and their households will change radically. We will leave the wired world quickly and be connected at every location on the planet.  1/10/2005

Life As We Knew It Is Over
The internet and the information age will restructure our society fundamentally.  1/7/2005

Interactive Cable is Going to Save the World!
Maybe the metaphysical implications of online communications will force our American community to address the fault lines in our culture. Maybe computers will make us more human.  1/6/2005

Diversity will decrease worldwide
The wealth and knowledge of people around the world will become the same.  1/3/2005

Perspectives Shared as World Connects Online
People across the globe will directly communicate with one another on a regular basis, driving home the idea that we are all one big community and making things like wars obsolete.  1/3/2005

Data-embedded cyberhuman evolution
Humans will evolve into a species with embedded devices that allow us to communicate and utilize global datasystems inherently rather than through peripheral devices.  12/11/2004

What happened to the American-born programmer?
A smaller world makes for a cheap labor market, and the U.S. software-development market will move outside the country.  12/7/2004

It will encompass all forms of media
Computers will make the TV and telephone obsolete.  12/3/2004

Video entertainment
Current forms of video entertainment, such as cable TV or satellite providers, will become obsolete as consumers begin buying only the video entertainment they want through the Internet.  12/1/2004

Broadband will transform the internet as we know it
The expansion of broadband connections will make video and voice the way internet communications will be for the next decade.  12/1/2004

How about the sense of touch...
An amazing feeling...  11/30/2004

We will be too dependent on the internet
Overt rule by the internet ... soon  11/30/2004

Netstricts will be formed, layering the Internet
There will be an internet that is organized into districts where different online communitites can get together.  11/29/2004

Independence, Interaction, or Isolation
Will the Internet of the future free mankind from constraints imposed by our heredity and culture, increase human interaction exponentially, or foster an era of electronic isolation from physical contact with a crowded, hostile world?  11/28/2004

Third Space: Transporting Through the Internet
The Internet will be the link where people can be at a place they wish to choose.  11/25/2004

Google Hunting
Face-recognition software teamed with Google's indexing will allow you to upload a picture of someone or something, and make the public the new police.  11/25/2004

Graveyard of good intentions...
Irrelevent, underused, the mind is the next network.  11/24/2004

The Internet is too fast and too cluttered!
The internet of the future will be wide-band and wireless for the final link to the individual via small, personal "terminal devices" however the bandwidth will be clogged with useless data.  11/22/2004

One Community
As the internet grows it will come to encompass every aspect of society.  11/20/2004

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