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"Irrelevent, underused, the mind is the next network." - Val

"The internet and the information age will restructure our society fundamentally." - Rick Fleck

"The internet will transport us to any location we'd like, regardless of our geographical location." - Deb

"Human consciousness will be encoded. Space travel is as simple as beaming out copies of your consciousness. Cloning won't be a problem; copying your brain will." - Stuart

"The capabilities of the internet will allow for experiences so close to real life that people will forget to live." - Raquel

"A smaller world makes for a cheap labor market." - Eric Hamilton

"More internet use will lead to low socialization and a diminishment of society." - Robert Taylor

"With increased visibility and communication, the corrupt will no longer be able to hide or enjoy their ill-gotten wealth." - Ashfaq Tunio

"Humans will evolve into a species with embedded devices that allow us to communicate." - Dan Geile

"Metaphysical implications of online communications will force our American community to address the fault lines in our culture." - Lyandra

"We will have the technology to implant the internet directly into our brains. This opens up new terrifying realities for hacking." - Jamie Boyd

"There will be a lack of original thought as people co-opt ideas of others." - PMD

"Intelligent programs will roam the internet, like a life form in its own environment." - Jeffrey Baker

"The successful implantation of some sort of "nano-bio-whatchamacallit" might herald in [a] new era." - Nicholas Compton

"We must evolve without becoming the Borg!" - Bob Gawecki

"The internet will extrapolate … dimensions…??We will be able to get in touch with our relatives, our friends and other people who had passed away." - Marco Veado

"It will forge entirely new types of thinkers, whose kaleidoscopic manipulation of digital media will culminate in an explosive proliferation of innovative discoveries." - Kim Vonder Haar

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"The Future is Here, It's Just Not Widely Distributed Yet" -William Gibson
The Internet will become everything.  3/2/2010

Information Troughs: Splintering of Media Culture to be Magnified Online
The splintering of the media that occurred with the proliferation of television and radio channels and choices will be magnified online. This will polarize, rather than unite us.  12/29/2009

The internet will get more advanced
The internet will slowly get more advanced.  12/18/2009

Health Information Revolution: The Advent of eHealth
New health information technologies are increasing access to relevant health information and have the potential to enhance the effectiveness of health care and health promotion.  12/16/2009

Internet and terrorism
Global destruction will not come from bombs, but through internet wars and bugs.  12/12/2009

Internet will be hyperlocal very soon.  11/17/2009

Human Genome
Everyone will have their genome automatically given to the government for research, possibly speeding up evolution.  4/27/2009

Virtualized Socials Go Public - A Chic Clique Culture
Cultural bastions (country clubs, private schools...) enabled by wealth, hubris, dogma and technology are socially crippled with membership declining for decades. Technology innovation, which replaced information and entertainment media giants of the early 21st century are maturing into far more inclusive pluralist late 21st century commons.  4/21/2009

Advanced Internet Possibilities
If one produces a sum which is random and large with enough digits you can search for anything inside that sequence of numbers to find every music performance film or play or even event even if it were never recorded, but of course this would be difficult!  3/3/2009

Cyber chaos and de-globalization
The conglomeration of all forms of media, communication, business and entertainment into one singular vehicle will be overwhelming for most all participants.  12/24/2008

Content Ownership
Lawyers and companies will profit from disputes over who owns submitted content.  12/23/2008

People will do jobs as freelance workers
Jobs will be something we do, not what we have. No more corporate 9-5.  12/16/2008

Automated happiness = no worries
In the future, what makes us happy will be automated.  12/16/2008

Newspapers will be connected to the Internet  12/15/2008

Piracy will continue
Everyone will keep using music and DVD's and not pay for them.  12/15/2008

Internet-educated youth will meld the world into one nation
Communications will change the human race as young leaders bring everyone together.  12/15/2008

No more cold snowball fights
People will lessen their face-to-face interaction so much that most of their activities will be done online, impersonally.  12/8/2008

The Internet is no longer an option
In 3-5 years the Internet will no longer be an option for existing or prospective business owners; it will be a requirement.  11/6/2008

Portable and Environmental
There will be portable devices and architectural/ environmental which will grant complete access to all information.  10/11/2008

Wear Your Information
Information will become the fabric of your life by creating clothing that receives and transmits all information and communication for you.  10/11/2008

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