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"Irrelevent, underused, the mind is the next network." - Val

"The internet and the information age will restructure our society fundamentally." - Rick Fleck

"The internet will transport us to any location we'd like, regardless of our geographical location." - Deb

"Human consciousness will be encoded. Space travel is as simple as beaming out copies of your consciousness. Cloning won't be a problem; copying your brain will." - Stuart

"The capabilities of the internet will allow for experiences so close to real life that people will forget to live." - Raquel

"A smaller world makes for a cheap labor market." - Eric Hamilton

"More internet use will lead to low socialization and a diminishment of society." - Robert Taylor

"With increased visibility and communication, the corrupt will no longer be able to hide or enjoy their ill-gotten wealth." - Ashfaq Tunio

"Humans will evolve into a species with embedded devices that allow us to communicate." - Dan Geile

"Metaphysical implications of online communications will force our American community to address the fault lines in our culture." - Lyandra

"We will have the technology to implant the internet directly into our brains. This opens up new terrifying realities for hacking." - Jamie Boyd

"There will be a lack of original thought as people co-opt ideas of others." - PMD

"Intelligent programs will roam the internet, like a life form in its own environment." - Jeffrey Baker

"The successful implantation of some sort of "nano-bio-whatchamacallit" might herald in [a] new era." - Nicholas Compton

"We must evolve without becoming the Borg!" - Bob Gawecki

"The internet will extrapolate … dimensions…??We will be able to get in touch with our relatives, our friends and other people who had passed away." - Marco Veado

"It will forge entirely new types of thinkers, whose kaleidoscopic manipulation of digital media will culminate in an explosive proliferation of innovative discoveries." - Kim Vonder Haar

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Your Submissions

Integration of Human Evolution
Streaming information will warp directly to your mind.  11/11/2004

The end of the internet
The internet as we know it ends by 2015 because of demographics.  11/11/2004

Ubiquity - Voice of a New Generation
The presence of the Internet all over the world, originates a new way of looking at political issues.  11/11/2004

Dual Realities
While at present the world is sharply defined between the real and the virtual, the children of the future will grow up in a world where the virtual and the real come ever closer to one another and eventually I believe those defining lines will blur, if not vanish completely.  11/11/2004

The Future is Now
Everything will be available via the internet, from ordering food to watching your favorite programs.  11/11/2004

Bits & Bites
People around the globe will be brought into great proximity.  11/11/2004

Where are we going with the internet?
One communication device capable of doing everything done by several devices today and used by everyone.  11/11/2004

Wireless infrastructure
High-speed wireless networks connecting everything from the coffee maker in my car to the condition of the road you are driving on.  11/11/2004

High-Speed for All
All computers everywhere will be networked. The whole network will be like one huge neural net.  11/11/2004

My Truth - The Death-ray
My "network future" would have a death-ray that I could send over my network to strike down all idiots that develop the crap that floats on the internet.  11/11/2004

Here Come the Electron Wars
Wars will be fought and won on the internet  11/11/2004

We are the Borg
Everyone on Earth will have access to technology that will allow wireless communication, any time, any place.  11/11/2004

Wireless Internet to cover the whole country
Inexpensive high-speed internet will cover the whole country.  11/11/2004

Internet is Everything
The internet will become the source for all daily transactions and information, printed media will go out the door.  11/11/2004

Privacy - Ha
Fool's paradise - nothing will be private.  11/11/2004

Mind-to-Mind Communication
Telepathy is a certainty.  11/11/2004

We Become Cyborgs
Humanputers are the future.  11/11/2004

Sharing Information on a Global Platform
All areas of the world - politics and ideals aside - will be able to share any information with a wider audience.  11/11/2004

One Universe, One World, One Network
Internet will be everywhere, you can't see it, but you know is there ...  11/11/2004

Peace through economic management and globalization
In the past, there have been artificial barriers to peace, the internet is in the process of breaking those barriers. It is crucial that over 60% of the world gets access to the internet. At that point, I envision true peace and not temporary truce.  11/11/2004

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