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"Irrelevent, underused, the mind is the next network." - Val

"The internet and the information age will restructure our society fundamentally." - Rick Fleck

"The internet will transport us to any location we'd like, regardless of our geographical location." - Deb

"Human consciousness will be encoded. Space travel is as simple as beaming out copies of your consciousness. Cloning won't be a problem; copying your brain will." - Stuart

"The capabilities of the internet will allow for experiences so close to real life that people will forget to live." - Raquel

"A smaller world makes for a cheap labor market." - Eric Hamilton

"More internet use will lead to low socialization and a diminishment of society." - Robert Taylor

"With increased visibility and communication, the corrupt will no longer be able to hide or enjoy their ill-gotten wealth." - Ashfaq Tunio

"Humans will evolve into a species with embedded devices that allow us to communicate." - Dan Geile

"Metaphysical implications of online communications will force our American community to address the fault lines in our culture." - Lyandra

"We will have the technology to implant the internet directly into our brains. This opens up new terrifying realities for hacking." - Jamie Boyd

"There will be a lack of original thought as people co-opt ideas of others." - PMD

"Intelligent programs will roam the internet, like a life form in its own environment." - Jeffrey Baker

"The successful implantation of some sort of "nano-bio-whatchamacallit" might herald in [a] new era." - Nicholas Compton

"We must evolve without becoming the Borg!" - Bob Gawecki

"The internet will extrapolate … dimensions…??We will be able to get in touch with our relatives, our friends and other people who had passed away." - Marco Veado

"It will forge entirely new types of thinkers, whose kaleidoscopic manipulation of digital media will culminate in an explosive proliferation of innovative discoveries." - Kim Vonder Haar

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Always and everywhere
Through PDA's, Smartphones and other small electronics information will be everywhere and always accessible, however, this is a threat to security, sanity and creativity.  10/11/2008

Accessibility of information
Information will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Constant connectivity.  10/11/2008

Networked and personalized cars
Cars will offer customized set-up and GPS for different drivers.  10/2/2008

Shopping Technology
Shopping will become more streamlined with consumer preference, but people will still want to see items in stores.  10/1/2008

RFID tags will be ubiquitous
RFID tags are here now and they will soon replace most types of day-to-day information exchange between firms: charts, debit/credit cards, identifications, etc.  10/1/2008

Customization of Education
The internet will tailor education to each individual student to maximize understanding and retention.  10/1/2008

Mind reading and the internet
Eventually the internet will function on the basis of what you are thinking.  9/30/2008

The Smart Kitchen
On its way to encompassing all parts of our lives, technology will enter our homes, turning daily chores into technological feats.  9/29/2008

Online Shopping: Plan to Printing at Home
3D printing of objects off the internet into the home using specialized printers  9/29/2008

City TLDs To Recenter Internet in Communities
In 2010 the ICANN will allow city TLDs (top level domains) for the first time, allowing cities to develop their traditional proximity roles for the digital era.  8/13/2008

We will not be outwitted by digital powers
The animal worked for us to get food, the steel machine worked for us to produce the goods, the Internet will work for us to expand our neighbourhood.  7/21/2008

Understanding the behaviour of Internet Users
More traffic, less anxiety and better interaction between Internet and humans.  6/17/2008

Plus ca change ....
Social change, yes -- but the laws of emotional physics can't be repealed.  5/19/2008

Neuronet®  5/19/2008

People will still be people
Technology changes so quickly and by such chance, that predicting the future of the internet is a futile effort.  5/16/2008

Remote Home Administration and Monitoring
Users will be able to monitor basically infinite items remotely.  5/9/2008

Power of the people
The people will have more power than governments.  4/6/2008

No Boundaries
By 2020, most of the world will be connected through the internet in the workplace which will provide equal opportunities for all users.  2/12/2008

Interoperability of global internet
By 2020 a low-cost, easy-access internet will sweep the world but will not be utilized.  2/12/2008

The internet is going to create hermits!
Online employees: Are they more or less productive? By 2020 there will be more people working online than in RL.  2/12/2008

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